Friday, December 17, 2010

Photo Dump

I feel the need just to dump these on ya! They are piling up and its stressing me out.. so here you go!

Davis and Hank playing on the couch, they love each other!

We went to "elf night" last night. It was great till it started pouring down rain.
He looks a little confused! ha

Hey boy! Gary's mother made Davis this adorable longall. She is AMAZING!

With the penguin

Last weekend we went to Victorian Christmas with the Normans. Brycie and Davis are buddies.. just like their mama's. This Santa was just wonderful!! So sweet

Sweet Brycie, Aunt ashy loves you

One of his many faces he gives us

Eating his cracker and trying to stay warm!

The weekend before that we did the Festival of Lights downtown... Daddy and Davis. D was too distracted by the floats!

Tub Time!

Playing in the water

Playing in the bubbles! We actually hardly use this seat anymore, I just put him in it at the beginning so I can bathe him and them I let him splash around the tub. Its hilarious.. he throws himself everywhere, splashing and putting his face in the water. Its so fun to watch him

Getting Real

Do you ever feel like you cant keep up????

The house needs to be vacuumed....

The laundry is piling up

(this little stinker sneaks into every picture.... don't just lay there Hank, FOLD SOMETHING!)

I cant keep my kitchen table cleared to save my life

I don't have a Christmas tree yet...

Davis's room STILL needs a few touches...

The guest bathroom needs to be painted....

and here I sit on a Friday night, baby in bed, dogs asleep on the couch, Gary had to go to work ... one of his stores got robbed(tis the season)

I'm hoping that this and steel magnolias will turn this week around

I know we have so much to be thankful for and believe me I am, but sometimes i feel the need to "keep it real"

Merry Christmas Ya'll!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sweet Verse

I came across this bible verse last night. I will have to say it is one of my favorites. Ive heard lately of some heart breaking losses, this verse brings me comfort.

"People were bringing little children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them, but the disciples rebuked them. When Jesus saw this, he was indignant. He said to them, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” And he took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them. Mark 10:13-16

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

10 Months

He is actually 10 1/2 months now....

Sweet sweet Davis you are 10 MONTHS! You are the most precious thing to us and are becoming such a sweet and talkative little thing. Love you to the moon and back...

* Size 12-18 mth clothes

* Size 3 diapers

* You have become very picky about your food here recently...sometimes you want it pureed and sometimes you want in in chunks

* tried avocados again mixed with a little applesauce and you LOVED it.

*Sweet Potatoes are still probably your favorite.

*You take 2 bottles a day when you are away from me. Usually one is formula and one is BM. Mommy is having supply issues so it looks like this will be the norm from here on. I'll be lucky if i can keep you going til a year!

* you have 5 teeth. Front two bottom ones and on top you have your 2 front ones and one coming in right next to your right one.

* you are becoming very talkative and are actually saying some more things now. Dada, mama(maaa, when your mad or crying) Baba (bye, Bye? or Bottle?)

* you have started to clap and I just love it. At the parade Saturday you pretty much clapped the whole time.. precious!

* When I start to sing the itsy bitsy spider to you you put your hands together as to mimic the motions that I do along with the song

* pulling and standing up everywhere. My new prediction is that you will be walking by 11 months.. we'll see

* Hank is still the coolest thing ever to you.

* You were sleeping 8:00- 5 but have not been feeling very good lately so you've been up and down with me all night mostly to comfort nurse. I don't have the heart to make you cry when your not feeling like yourself

* you take 2 naps a day. with a cat nap on the way home every day.

This is such a fun age and we are loving watching you learn and grow everyday. BUT(ha) along with this fun age comes a little bit of attitude. You are very opinionated and let us know when you are not happy. You scream and cry when I change your diaper or your clothes. you would think we were killing you! the back arching and rolling over. Boy oh boy... you are as sweet as can be but definitely have a fire in you too.

We are so looking forward to the next few weeks and all the festivities!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hot Damn!


What a great proud of our boys. We sent those Gators packing!
Each one of our players came out to win that game, and boy did they win! Everyone kept their heads and for the most part made good and thought out plays. I'm so looking forward to next season, and better yet our championship this year since NC state lost.
(Good job Maryland)

Jimbo did a great job, definitely proved himself!

We love you JIMBO!!

(not sure why all the lettering is so LARGE, guess the computer feels my excitement)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thankful Heart

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. I could not have asked for better food and better company. Davis was in the best mood, played and laughed with everyone at lunch (26 to be exact). From lunch we went to my Aunts house for our second meal of the day, I was so full! Davis ate at both places, trying everything from turkey to corn souffle and he loved every bite. Although I will have to say that the sweet potato casserole was probably his all time favorite, it was so fun to watch his expressions as we gave him taste of all kinds of new food!

As I looked around the rooms yesterday I was reminded of all I have to be thankful for. Wonderful family and friends who love our sweet boy so much. I'm so thankful that he will grow up around such solid people, people who know God and are kind and loving. We have our crazy moments just like any other family but in the end we love each other more than the world. There is so much bad in the world, I'm just glad he will always have a safe haven around the people that love him the most.

I wanted to share a story that our minister of music shared with us a while back at church. I think every mama in the sanctuary had tears streaming down their face...

There was a little boy who's mommy and daddy were bringing home his new baby sister, he was so excited for his little sister to be home. He kept telling his parents how much he loved her and how he was going to take care of her and be the best big brother. He asked his parents if he could be alone with her, they just kept telling him no but maybe soon when she got a little older. The mother and father wondered why he wanted to be alone with her and why he was so persistent about it. they just chaulked it up to being a new big brother and wanting to take care of her by himself. Well he kept on asking till one night the mother and father gave in and told him he could go into her room where she was sleeping and sit with her as long as he was very quiet. He was so excited and assured his parents that he wouldn't wake her up. The parents let him go in and as he crept in the room the parents watched from the cracked door. He stood at his sisters crib staring at her sleeping, just as the parents started to walk away they heard their little boy begin to talk to his baby sister.... as they listened they heard him say "Tell me what Jesus is like, I'm beginning to forget"

Such innocence in children, I believe they are all sent directly from him. Perfect and pure. Its our jobs as parents to never let them forget what he is like and maybe we can learn from their sweet hearts.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I hope it was a wonderful day for you and your family.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I NEED A NEW CAMERA! any suggestions?? something not to expensive because I'll either 1. loose it or 2. Break it

So around 100-150?

One that takes good face pictures and action shots


Tonight we Made a Mess

Every once in awhile I let go of my "clean" side and let Davis dig face first into his dinner. Well we went for it tonight!

"eating" his pumpkin bowl

{see that sippy cup? finally found one he likes! boy loves him some juice!(mostly water)}

Hello monkey!


Davis did this after I would put a bite of fruit, meat, whatever into his mouth. He would take it out look at it then out it back in... over and over with a look on his face like "what is this!?" silly boy

Friday, November 5, 2010

9 months?

Nope not possible.....

Its so hard to believe that D will be ONE in 3 months...

This age is so fun!! He has such a fun personality and is right on the verge of trying to walk. He pulls up on everything and has stood on his own for a few seconds at a time. I would almost rather him just go ahead and walk now and get up off the floor. I feel like all I do is vacuum and mop trying to combat the dog hair and dirt that he is crawling all over, ugh. He thinks that he can get down and crawl anywhere.. which we all know is not possible. Crawling in publix just isn't exceptable! haha

Lets see what the boy is up too...

* size three diaper
* 12 month clothes
* still eating pretty good, although he is becoming more and more picky
* eating snacks now and drinks apple juice and water during the day, in between nursing/bottles
* still doing great with nursing, I'm the one who has to fight to keep my supply!
* Goes about 4 hours in between nurses
* Pulling up on everything
* STILL not sleeping through the night.. yawn
* has had his 3rd ear infection in 4 months... Dr says we may be on our way to the ENT's office soon
* still only two teeth... oh where oh where are your other teeth d?
* favorite thing is Hank, absolutely loves him
* loves his baths
* kisses the baby in the mirror now, too funny
* Is having a little stranger anxiety now.... freaked out at his 9 month appt. when the Dr got to close
* loves to read at bedtime every night and now helps me turn the pages and lift the flaps
* goes to bed at 8:00-8:30
* Such an easy going personality!!

We love you sweet boy!! I cannot wait to see what the future will bring!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Davis had a wonderful first Halloween!

We had him dedicated to the Lord Sunday morning, followed by a wonderful lunch at my moms.
It was so special to have all of our family and friends present for this wonderful event. He was such a good boy too, besides trying to eat my necklace! He smiled and flirted with the crowd :)

Later in the afternoon we took him to a Halloween festival at a local museum/park. We had such a good time visiting with friends and enjoying each others company. After we finished up at Goodwood we went home to eat dinner and take little D around the block to visit neighbors. He loved it! such a cute little pumpkin!!

We had such a wonderful time!! Thanks WD for taking these pictures!

Davis and Dawson with their grandmothers :)

Davis LOVES Dawson! These two are gonna cause us some trouble one day...

Not only are Dawson's daddy and Gary good friends but Dawson's mommy is a very special friend to me... and the grandmothers have been best friends for years! I love small towns :)

Davis with his Didi and Granddaddy.

Cutest little pumpkin I've ever seen! Mama loves you!

Friday, October 29, 2010


Last nights game against NC State left a lot to be desired.... I simply cannot understand how ponder was on the 4 yard line and fumbled the ball. I mean really?? Frustrating to say the least. We did what so often we have done in the past... get a good lead, get cocky and then give away points, then we make crucial mistakes like a fumble or an interception that cost us the game. I know these boys play their hearts out for us every week but man is it hard not to yell at the screen. ugh

Here's to next week

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This is what we accomplished last night. The ability to stand and hold on to anything.... I guess my Halloween decor that was on our coffee table is safe no longer....

I don't think walking is far off in our future

Please note the spoiled rotten dogs in the back ground lounging on the sofa.. Hank especially, laying on my brand new pillows.. ugh

oh and the fact that my son is shirtless... we were having a little WT moment

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Fun

We have been so busy lately.. its hard to find the time to sit down and do a post! Our sweet boy is getting so big! I know I say it all the time but he grows and changes everyday. I feel like every time I turn around he's doing something new. Just this week he has mastered the art of pulling up and standing. He does it on just about anything he can, it makes me so nervous that he is going to fall backwards and hurt himself. But I guess that's just a part of it. Ever since he has started crawling bumps and bruises are happening more often. He lets out a high pitched scream when he has hurt himself and only wants mama or daddy. He lays his head on my shoulder and holds on real tight then when he feels better he lifts his little head up and gives me a big open mouth kiss. SO SWEET! He has the sweetest personality, such a lover.

In other big news, we have finally mastered the art of the sippy cup! He loves his water and juice now. He will sit there and jug the whole thing and then throw it on the floor when he's done with it... thanks buddy

He now crawls everywhere! This is him in the kitchen kissing his reflection in the dishwasher

He then will back up and pat pat his reflection.. ha ha

First time in a park swing. He loved it!! We are going to put a swing on our back porch this weekend so he can swing when ever he wants

Such a big boy!! The other day my mother and I were out to lunch and I was showing her how if you ask him where someone is he will look all around for them. Well I asked him where Daddy was.. he looked around and then looked at me and said "daddy"! Not Dada or anything else but Daddy! My mom looked at me and said oh my gosh he just said Daddy clear as day! Of course I called Gary and told him. It made him so happy, he told everyone he saw that day.

We love you sweet boy!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Prayer Request

A friend of mine delivered a baby boy last night at 25 weeks please keep them in your prayers. the baby's name is Aaron

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

8 Months

Where have these 8 months gone???
Our sweet baby is growing into such an adorable and loving little boy...with a wild streak(courtesy of his mama)

We haven't been to the doctor since 6 months but I'm guessing D weights about 20 pounds and is maybe around 29 inches?? We go back to the doctor next month so we will get the official stats then. He has gotten so long in the past month... all of the sudden he is long and skinny, with rolls placed in the perfect places :) I could eat him alive ...or maybe just nibble ha

He is still such a mama's boy and I just eat it up. He gives open mouth kisses and grabs my face. Probably one of the sweetest things EVER
He gives Daddy kisses every night before I go read to him its quite precious and makes Daddy smile

He is now full on crawling.. let the baby proofing begin!

and trying his hardest to walk... please no!!

Some of Mr. Davis's Stats

*Size three diapers
*Wears 12 month clothes, mostly for length
*STILL waking up at night
*eats 3 meals a day and is starting to get more table food than pureed food
*still not a fan of the sippy cup, just chews on it
*Nurses every three to four hours and takes a BM bottle when he is a daycare
*Still not handling formula well at all, which is fine as long as I pump enough!
*takes two good naps a day.. one in the morning around 9:30 - 10 and then one in the afternoon around 2. He takes a short snooze on the drive home everyday too
*Crawling every where
*pulling up and standing
*gives the best sugar!
*We are pretty sure we heard him say "hank" the other day.. he pronounced it "ank" He absolutely LOVES Hank so it would not surprise me at all. Anytime Hank comes near him he squeals and starts laughing, I'm sure they will be best buds as Davis gets older.

We could not be more pleased with the way the dogs have handled Davis. Bella takes the more stand offish but protective roll and hank just runs circles around him. Neither one has ever showed any kind of aggression or weird behavior towards him, which is a HUGE relief. You can tell they both love him and he just adores them too. Every little boy should have a dog :)

I feel like I'm forgetting something??

Oh yeah! I entered Davis in the pottery barn baby of the month contest on FB... If you could please go to PB kids fan site on FB and go to contestants. He will be in a blue bucket with a big ole' smile on his face (maybe page 13??) :) Thank you so much!! xoxo

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Davis's Pictures

Our wonderful friend and very talented photographer Jenna Reichert took pictures of Davis last Sunday. I could not be happier with what she captured!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Weekend Fun

A few weekend ago Gary, Davis, and I went to Gainesville(right outside of Atlanta) to visit his Fraternity brother William and his family. we had such a wonderful time. Full of wonderful fellowship, food, and shopping. It was my first time meeting Williams wife Jennifer and their two children Will and Emmaline. Jennifer and I clicked right off the bat! I loved every minute I spent with her. the first thing she said to me when she opened the car door at 9:00 at night was hey, its so nice to finally meet you, give me the baby! She was wonderful all weekend with helping me with him. I hope Davis and our future children are as sweet and well behaved as her two. Emmaline was the best helper... she was one step behind me the whole time we were there. Wanting to help any way she could. Davis absolutely loved her too! He would smile and reach for her. Too cute!

This was Davis's first long car ride and I was a little weary of how it would go. Thankfully he was as sweet as he usually is. Slept most of the way.

This is a picture of him passed out with his lovies close by :)

Jennifer and I sat on the porch each morning and let Davis see all the cats(7 total!) and the one lone dog Huck. He loves animals as you can see by the smile on his face

Emmaline was helping me give him a bath Saturday... loved the big deep sink. I think I need one!

Happy boy!

Playing on Emmalines princess blanket, He would pat their faces and talk to them, he likes his women ha ha

I took his walker with me and it came in handy! They have an absolutely beautiful home on the side of the mountain. Lots of open space inside for Davis to run around in his walker.

This is the view out of their HUGE window that is as tall as the house is. I mean I could seriously live here! It was beautiful. In the mornings the fog would rise up through the trees, I told her I was coming back when the leaves start to change. Can you imagine how pretty it will be?

Sweet Emmaline with one of the many cats. They have 7 cats total to keep snakes away from the house. Jennifer said so far its worked and no cats have been harmed! they were by far the sweetest cats I have ever been around. They would let you hold them and cuddle them any way you liked. William said its because Emmaline has broken their spirit ha ha

We went full force while there and enjoyed every minute of it. While the boys went to the Clemson/Presbyterian (where they went to college) game. Us girls had a fabulous girls day(plus D) complete with a yummy lunch topped off by a chocolate cream pie, YUMMY!!

That night Jennifer and I cooked the Pioneer Woman's "best ever roast" I will have to say Jennifer and I were a little disappointed but we think we just need to try again and then make our final ruling :)

Sunday mid day we headed back to good ole' Tallahassee. Davis didn't do so hot on the way back. Daddy tried to make us both feel better by stopping at the outlets, Mama was happy!!

I can't wait to go back and visit them again. So special to have such sweet and wonderful friends. We love you guys!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Boat Ride

Davis had his first boat ride on Monday evening... he loved having the wind in his face. He did not however appreciate the life jacket. he kept pulling on it and squealing. Maybe we need to get him one that is a little less bulky.

This is when we had stopped for a minute, I let him have a break with the life jacket. He was enjoying playing with Grand Kim (Gary's dads wife)

Guess who??

Guess who slept in his crib til 6 am this morning!!!???

and then he slept for another hour with me in our bed!

Makes for a happy mama!

I could eat him up!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fun at home

At 7 months Davis is becoming such a fun and energetic little boy. We are enjoying every minute with him. He is developing such a fun and silly personality, he will laugh at the drop of a hat.

Playing on his changing table... the onsie he has on is 12-18 months...when did my baby get so big??

Hanging out with Daddy after bath time....

He loves these foam letters. He holds one in his mouth like this while he plays, I guess it feels good on his gums?

Those eyes just melt my heart

He is becoming more and more insistent on trying to feed himself. After he has eaten most of his food I give him his spoon and let him explore getting the food to his mouth. He usually gets it everywhere, but I think its important he learns how to do this

He loves his sink baths! (notice the green beans on his forehead...that would be from him trying to "feed" himself)

I love that he is starting to listen to us and understand what we are saying. Its so cool to watch them learn right in front of your eyes. Some things that he understands lately are.."wheres Hank?" he will start to look around for him and then squeal when he finds him.
"wheres mama? wheres Daddy? He will look and find us and smile
"No sir" He is starting to understand when I say this to him. He will stop and look at me. which is a step up from no response at all

I can't wait for the months ahead and all the fun things that come with the holidays. It will be so fun this year!!