Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fun at home

At 7 months Davis is becoming such a fun and energetic little boy. We are enjoying every minute with him. He is developing such a fun and silly personality, he will laugh at the drop of a hat.

Playing on his changing table... the onsie he has on is 12-18 months...when did my baby get so big??

Hanging out with Daddy after bath time....

He loves these foam letters. He holds one in his mouth like this while he plays, I guess it feels good on his gums?

Those eyes just melt my heart

He is becoming more and more insistent on trying to feed himself. After he has eaten most of his food I give him his spoon and let him explore getting the food to his mouth. He usually gets it everywhere, but I think its important he learns how to do this

He loves his sink baths! (notice the green beans on his forehead...that would be from him trying to "feed" himself)

I love that he is starting to listen to us and understand what we are saying. Its so cool to watch them learn right in front of your eyes. Some things that he understands lately are.."wheres Hank?" he will start to look around for him and then squeal when he finds him.
"wheres mama? wheres Daddy? He will look and find us and smile
"No sir" He is starting to understand when I say this to him. He will stop and look at me. which is a step up from no response at all

I can't wait for the months ahead and all the fun things that come with the holidays. It will be so fun this year!!

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  1. What a cutie!! I'll have to check out Ella's kitchen food at Target. Thanks! The mum mums are also at Target on the baby food aisle. You can also get them at Walmart. They come in a box.