Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas take 3- Christmas Brunch!

After opening all of our Christmas morning goodies we packed up and headed out to Lake Talquin for our Christmas brunch with Gary's dads side of the family. Davis always has such a fun time with everyone playing with him and taking him down on the dock. he was in heaven... water, footballs, and a guitar.
Davis wanted to take Blue for a little stroll in his new shopping cart
this picture cracks me up!

Trying on Aunt Laurens new rain boots, he thought this was hilarious!

LOVES his new shopping cart and Elmo

Big Gary and Davis

out on the lake there where about 200 "water turkeys"(thats what gary said they are called) feeding and making all kinds of commotion. It was pretty cool to watch

Merry Christmas to our blue eyed boy!

We had a wonderful time and ate some yummy food! Davis again was spoiled rotten and scored some pretty awesome stuff! His favorite by far is the shopping cart. He plays with it all day :) We headed home for a quick nap and then up next...Christmas Take 4!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Take 2...Christmas morning!

For Christmas Davis let mommy and Daddy sleep til 7:30! Best Christmas gift ever!! ha
Get ready for a lot of pictures!
Awful lighting but such a cute pic of him pointing to his tent, so excited!

He Loved it!!

Playing with his ambulance

Nana and popa came out to bring him his presents...this one by far took the cake! Meet "Neigh"!

Nana trying to show him how to ride it

He quickly caught on and hasn't been off since. It makes noises and you can feed it too. He loves it!

Davis got some good loot Christmas morning! He loves his tent and his horse so much, he runs to Neigh each morning to get in a early morning ride ;) Gary and I got Davis just a stocking this year because we knew he would be getting so much from everyone. His stocking was packed full of arts and craft supplies. Everything he would ever need to make masterpieces and messes! We had a brunch date at Gary's dads house so off we went!!

Christmas Take 1- Twas the night before Christmas...

Every year on Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember we go to my Grandparents house and this year was no different! Its always a big group and a fun time. Davis was starting to get sick so he was a little out of sorts but after opening a present he was set to go with his new ambulance to play with. We had a yummy dinner of prime rib that was melt in your mouth good. Up next was the presents!!
he had present opening down pat! Love this sweet boy!

Playing cars with cousin Thomas

It was hard to take pictures because I was helping d open all his presents, but my Uncle Mark was snapping away so hopefully I will have some more pics from our Christmas Eve festivities! D was spoiled rotten with gift galore. Including: Matchbox cars, Race track, a pop up Thomas the Train tent, some more cars, and books. it was so funny to see everyone in the room with all eyes on Davis, he is definitely the life of the party. His cousin Thomas was so good with playing with him and Davis thinks he hung the moon. Pulling him in every direction and tackling him whenever Thomas sat down on the floor. He's so lucky to have so many people around him that love him
We had a wonderful night and headed home to put the boy to bed and play Santa. It was so fun setting everything up for Davis to see the next morning. He's getting to such a fun age!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas in Savannah

The weekend before Christmas we packed up in my new "truck"(thanks to my wonderful hubby I got an early Christmas present in the form of a tahoe!) and headed to Savannah to celebrate Christmas with Garys parents, sister and her family. We had a wonderful time full of amazing food and fun excursions. Davis loved all the attention and hammed it up all weekend.
Being so silly!

Didi's beautiful living room all ready for us to open presents

Play time before dinner :)

Helping Aunt Kathryn with some work ;)
Davis loved playing with his twin cousins Jessie and Kendall all weekend. They were so good with him! This is Jessie and D playing chase in the kitchen before dinner

The annual matching pj's pic

Uncle Gary and Kendall

And then my camera decided it was tired and didnt want to work anymore! Boo hiss! Davis was given some wonderful gifts including 4 new pairs of shoes, books, balls, stuffed animals and other fun stuff. He is such a blessed little boy! We headed home Sunday after church and breakfast. A stop at the outlet mall and two melt downs later we pulled safely into home sweet home. What is it about the last hour of a drive that makes children loose their mind??? I mean really! He was throwing toys, kicking and screaming. I had to get in the back seat and have a little "come to Jesus" meeting with him. Lord help me with this little fire cracker! Merry Christmas all!! Stay tuned...three more Christmas's coming!!!

Christmas Program

Davis had his first Christmas Program at school a few weeks ago. I was a little anxious on how well a bunch of not even two year olds and two year olds would do standing on a stage singing while all their family were out in the audience staring at them. It was quite the show! Ha
                                                                      Davis stood on stage with his hands covering his ears...Such a silly boy! We were all dying laughing

Ethan, Tucker, Jack, and Davis all sitting so nicely didnt last long

he just kind of stood there the whole time and looked around confused..ha
hey boy!

Sweet jack 

about half way through mommy had to put down the camera and go put D back on stage... we were spotted in the crowd and thats all it took for him to loose it a little. But he regrouped and finished out the performance :)we had all but two of the grandparents there with us so I was thrilled that he even made it five seconds on the stage with all his favorite people in the crowd

Nothing a little "Ba"(paci) cant fix. Hey you do what ya gotta do! Poor Jack was over it at this point too and had spotted mommy and daddy
After the performance they had a sweet little reception for the parents and the littles, Davis thoroughly enjoyed his "teet" (treat)

Mommy and D

All in all it was crazy but oh so precious at the same time. I was so proud of our boy :)I can't believe he is old enough to be having a Christmas program!? I know I say it all the time but I feel like I just had a sweet little newborn sleeping on my chest, where o where has the time gone sweet little one...

Breakfast with Santa

A few Saturdays ago we went to the Junior Leagues Breakfast with Santa. I knew Davis would not sit on Santa's lap but we went anyways to enjoy the festivities. We tried Santa three times this year and they were all a no go. Each time I would say to him "look its santa! Lets go see him!" Davis would respond with 'No anta, No anta!" Oh well, what are you gonna do?
We saw a lot of our friends and Davis enjoyed running around saying hello to everyone. We met up with the Deans and the boys ran around together causing all kinds of trouble. I swear those two are such a handful!It took all we had to keep them off of the stage and from pulling down the curtains that were hung on the walls.
I only got two pictures...oh well
D's favorite part by far was when the Tallahassee Ballet performed parts of the Nutcracker, he LOVED it! ha

They were wonderful

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I've finally sat down to play catch up... so here goes!

Lets back up a ways ;)

Thanksgiving was crazy and wonderful as always. Davis and I went at it alone this year because our avid hunter was holed up in a tree stand in Kansas...oh the life of a hunters wife

We had three stops to make on T day....first stop was my cousin Mehgean's house. She hosted a wonderful little brunch of yummy comfort food. Davis always loves seeing his cousins, they have such a fun time playing. and davis may or may not be OBSESSED with his cousin Cole. Its so sweet to watch them play , and Cole is so good with D.

When we got there we said hello to everyone and the kids ran off to play as I ran into the kitchen to make a mimosa (kidding...kinda) As I was checking out all of the food I came across my Mama Jeans SOS. It was my favorite thing she used to make, and it was our special thing she always made me "angel, do you want your mama jean to make you some SOS?" I would do anything to hear her voice again. It was a yummy corned beef and cream thing that she served over toast. So simple but so yummy. I had not had it since she passed away some 12 years ago and as I stood in that kitchen tears started rolling down my face. It made me miss her so much. As I took my first bite of it I found myself back sitting at her kitchen bar spending a day with her and cooking up yummy food. God love that womans soul...she is why we all are the way we are. She loved every one of us so much. Cant wait to see her again one day

Sadly I didn't take any pictures of us there :( but it was a yummy good time had by all

Up next was lunch with my dad. We do Thanksgiving at his best friends house that lives next to him and then my dad host Christmas at his house. Its always a ton of people and a lot of fun. I'm going to let pictures do the talking from here on out ....

Playing with his great uncle Steve
Everyone relaxing after our huge meal, and of course Davis running around like a crazy man

My dad
 Third stop was My Aunt Carrah's where we gave thanks with my moms family. This was our last stop so we just sat back and relaxed, it was wonderful!
He found a basketball and didn't put it down the whole time
Yummy Oysters and stone crab legs
Hi boy!

We had a great day and welcomed daddy back home the next night :)

Up next....Breakfast with Santa!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


I keep on trying to sit down and get this blog caught up but it just over whelms me. I'm soooo far behind. ugh. I just started my new job at the hospital and combined with the holiday season I'm doing everything I can to keep my head above water. For the next month I'll be training on my floor so it requires me to be there a lot more than I actually will be when I'm not training. Anyways..its hard being away from D and I feel like my house is falling apart without me here to keep up with it every day. I hate to wish December away because its my favorite time of year but I will be glad when I'm not at work all of the time. All in all I need to stop having a pity party for myself. Life is wonderful right now and we are so blessed
I promise to sit down and get caught up...I have so much to blog.. it will probably be bullet style, fair warning ;)

I will leave you with a picture of me and my boy enjoying the Christmas parade downtown. My sweet friend Brooke was nice enough to take a picture of us since someone forgot their camera..oops!