Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Take 2...Christmas morning!

For Christmas Davis let mommy and Daddy sleep til 7:30! Best Christmas gift ever!! ha
Get ready for a lot of pictures!
Awful lighting but such a cute pic of him pointing to his tent, so excited!

He Loved it!!

Playing with his ambulance

Nana and popa came out to bring him his presents...this one by far took the cake! Meet "Neigh"!

Nana trying to show him how to ride it

He quickly caught on and hasn't been off since. It makes noises and you can feed it too. He loves it!

Davis got some good loot Christmas morning! He loves his tent and his horse so much, he runs to Neigh each morning to get in a early morning ride ;) Gary and I got Davis just a stocking this year because we knew he would be getting so much from everyone. His stocking was packed full of arts and craft supplies. Everything he would ever need to make masterpieces and messes! We had a brunch date at Gary's dads house so off we went!!

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  1. That tent is awesome!! Kent would be all over it!!