Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I've finally sat down to play catch up... so here goes!

Lets back up a ways ;)

Thanksgiving was crazy and wonderful as always. Davis and I went at it alone this year because our avid hunter was holed up in a tree stand in Kansas...oh the life of a hunters wife

We had three stops to make on T day....first stop was my cousin Mehgean's house. She hosted a wonderful little brunch of yummy comfort food. Davis always loves seeing his cousins, they have such a fun time playing. and davis may or may not be OBSESSED with his cousin Cole. Its so sweet to watch them play , and Cole is so good with D.

When we got there we said hello to everyone and the kids ran off to play as I ran into the kitchen to make a mimosa (kidding...kinda) As I was checking out all of the food I came across my Mama Jeans SOS. It was my favorite thing she used to make, and it was our special thing she always made me "angel, do you want your mama jean to make you some SOS?" I would do anything to hear her voice again. It was a yummy corned beef and cream thing that she served over toast. So simple but so yummy. I had not had it since she passed away some 12 years ago and as I stood in that kitchen tears started rolling down my face. It made me miss her so much. As I took my first bite of it I found myself back sitting at her kitchen bar spending a day with her and cooking up yummy food. God love that womans soul...she is why we all are the way we are. She loved every one of us so much. Cant wait to see her again one day

Sadly I didn't take any pictures of us there :( but it was a yummy good time had by all

Up next was lunch with my dad. We do Thanksgiving at his best friends house that lives next to him and then my dad host Christmas at his house. Its always a ton of people and a lot of fun. I'm going to let pictures do the talking from here on out ....

Playing with his great uncle Steve
Everyone relaxing after our huge meal, and of course Davis running around like a crazy man

My dad
 Third stop was My Aunt Carrah's where we gave thanks with my moms family. This was our last stop so we just sat back and relaxed, it was wonderful!
He found a basketball and didn't put it down the whole time
Yummy Oysters and stone crab legs
Hi boy!

We had a great day and welcomed daddy back home the next night :)

Up next....Breakfast with Santa!

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