Thursday, December 8, 2011


I keep on trying to sit down and get this blog caught up but it just over whelms me. I'm soooo far behind. ugh. I just started my new job at the hospital and combined with the holiday season I'm doing everything I can to keep my head above water. For the next month I'll be training on my floor so it requires me to be there a lot more than I actually will be when I'm not training. Anyways..its hard being away from D and I feel like my house is falling apart without me here to keep up with it every day. I hate to wish December away because its my favorite time of year but I will be glad when I'm not at work all of the time. All in all I need to stop having a pity party for myself. Life is wonderful right now and we are so blessed
I promise to sit down and get caught up...I have so much to blog.. it will probably be bullet style, fair warning ;)

I will leave you with a picture of me and my boy enjoying the Christmas parade downtown. My sweet friend Brooke was nice enough to take a picture of us since someone forgot their camera..oops!

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  1. We had such a great time! Do you want me to send you the rest of the pictures?