Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last day of the first year...

Well here we are on the last day of preschool for the boy. This year has gone by so fast! We have loved Faith and cannot wait to return in the fall. I love everything about this sweet little school. Everyone is so sweet and friendly, always waving and saying hi to Davis. It amazes me that all the teachers know all of the kids.

This is what he did when I told him I wanted to take his picture, Crazy boy

Sweet boy
                                                  Comparison shot from his first day...and then on his last. Can someone
          please tell me where my baby went???
first day
Such a big boy

Trying to show me how old he is..for some reason he crosses the two fingers he is supposed to be holding up

 On our way! I cannot get over how long his legs are!

Walking into school!
I started this tradition this year..I'm sure if you are on pinterest you have seen the idea. Every year you secretly have your child's teacher(s) sign the book and then when they graduate you give it to them. I love the idea, how special will that be..."Congratulations! Today is your day. You're off to great places! You're off and away!"

I cried reading this just thinking about him growing up..."You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose."
With Mrs. Mills. another wonderful part of Davis's class. She is so sweet and calm with the kids. Davis loves his "ma mills!" We cant wait to be back with her next year.
With sweet Mrs. Pearson, I seriously love this woman. I peak in through a little window when I'm waiting to pick him up and I have seen more than once this sweet woman crawling on the floor like an ant, or some other kind of animal they are learning about, with all the kids crawling behind her. She is a special gift and we love her

Trying to get into Mrs.Pearson and mrs. Mills gifts

Last day of school lunch date with my sweet crazy boy, he sat still like this for maybe 5 minutes before he decided it was much better to run around in an extremely busy restaurant

" and will you succeed? Yes! you will, indeed! (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.) KID, YOU'LL MOVE MOUNTAINS!"

 " Oh the places you"ll go!"

We love you our sweet blue eyed boy! Here's to many more wonderful school years!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

picture dump

 Instagram picture dump time!! {can I pat myself on the back for actually keeping up with the blog??!! Whoop whoop}

Fun afternoons at the pool :)

This is so typical of Davis...Dirty feet with a ball in hand. He always has a ball with him in the car

Picking flowers (weeds) at church

Sunday Family park time. The boy rarely leaves home without a hat

Poor Hank..Davis stacked all kinds of stuff on him one night. Bless his heart he just sat there looking at me like "really mom?"

Ba(paci), ball, hat and the fox and the hound 2 On tv, the world is right! SN: yes thats a paci...dont judge ;)

Loaded up and headed to the beach
Oh these boys! they had so much fun running all over the beach. The look on Davis's face cracks me up like "what are you lookin' at?!"

Snack time! apparently Davis feels the need to show us four

Naked babies in an outdoor shower is the best!

Beach time with a sweet and special friend..thanks for having us over to play! SN: sweet H was so tired, she went to sleep right after this

Sleepy time on the way home from a fun weekend at the beach. Note the ball..I'm telling you he is obsessed!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Baby Bubble Bee

 Today we had Davis's end of the year program at his preschool. It was sooo cute watching them all do the hand motions and "sing" ;) bless that music teachers soul...I'm sure she has earned her keep teaching these little ones. It was such a cute little performance and they all did so well. No one cried or ran off stage, so I would say it was a success! 

This was Davis's favorite song "Baby Bumble Bee" I believe this was when they were squishing the bumble bee ;)
it was a montley crew

A little nose picking

Davis and his little friend Oakley started to play at this point...growling in each others faces. These two spell TROUBLE! Whats funny is that Gary and Oakleys daddy have been friends for years...Its cute to see D & O be friends too. I just love small(ish) towns

Nana and Davis after the program

Pawpaw and D :) SN: my child needs a haircut

Daddy and D. Davis was very over it at this point..I had to tempt him with a lolli pop just to look at the camera
We have been so happy with Davis's preschool. I love everything about it and his teachers are some of the sweetest women I know. His last day is next week...I'll be sure to do an end of the year post with comparison pictures :) I'm so looking forward to another year of fun and learning. I know he will miss all of his friends this summer.

Happy Hump Day!! Xo

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I wanted to write down some things about Davis right now and what we are up too so I can remember them one day when he is big and thinks he is all grown up....little does he know he will always be my baby. I ask him now if he is my baby and he responds with "No! Dayday(what he calls himself, ha!) big boy!" Hurts my heart!

*he is all about balls and sports right now, he watches baseball, basketball, and football with daddy a lot :)

*he pronounces things so cute these days. for instance Baseball:Bay ball, basketball:bass-ket ball, football:foooootball

*for some reason when he is watching baseball he screams no softball! I have no clue where he has gotten this softball obsession from?? it has his daddy a little worried! ha!

*he is going through quite the defiant stage right now. it has me a little on edge and exhausted by days end. I feel like I spend my days saying no, sending him to his room and unfortunately the spoon makes an appearance quite often. sigh. I've vented to other more experienced mommy friends, my parents and so on and everyone is so sweet and supportive and full of great advice on how to deal with his little outburst. I want nothing more than to have a child that is respectful, polite, and knows right from wrong. easier said than done right?? I feel so much responsibility sometimes with raising a boy. I want him to grow into a strong, faithful, and loving man. I want the world for him and I want to look back in 30 years and know that we did something right. I know that I pushed the line sometimes in my younger years but I always had a healthy fear of my parents, which I think stopped me from doing a lot of stupid things. My dad always told me "remember where you come from and remember you have a last name" I want D to always remember that too. I'm praying that our discipline and love will instil that in him.

*his is officially obsessed with his first Disney movie, The Lion King! He ask for it all day long. "I wat Lion kenn??" This morning he was watching it and he grabbed his "revolver" and shot the giraffe, ha! he looked at me and said "I shoot it mama!" I laughed so hard. he is definitely all boy and a boy after his daddy's heart. SN: G doesn't shoot giraffes ;)

* he still sleeps in his crib and will until he ask to have a big boy bed ;) This child did not sleep through the night not one time until he was 13 mths so now that he finally is sleeping I'm not messing with a good thing.

*He is doing so well at school and is loving his teachers so much. We actually have the option to keep him with the same teachers next year in their older two's class and I think that's what we are going to do. Again why mess with a good thing :)

* We start swim lesson on the 21st..wish us luck!

* D is starting to pretend play and it is soooo cute!! I just love it

* he is very verbal these days and while a lot of it is still broken English its becoming more and more easier to understand him. He is into telling us what we are doing or what the dogs are up to and etc.

* he can hit the ball across the yard off of his baseball tee. Left handed to boot! when he tries to hit on the right he doesn't do so well but he is right handed for most everything else. It will be interested to see if we have a right handed pitcher that bats left :)

*He recently went through a faze of hating the bath. Like kicking screaming kind of hate. I would literally peel him off of me, throw him in the tub and bath him while he screamed. So strange. Thank goodness I think we are past that now.

* he loves the pool, still swimming with the puddle jumper and probably will for this summer. He has no fear of anything and I just don't want to risk it.

*We are getting so excited about summer, we have some fun trips planned to the beach and then in July we are flying to Tennessee.

and whats a post with out some pictures of the boy :)
enjoying his first ring was short lived. I heard a big crack and turned around to see what it was..the whole dang lollipop part came off in his mouth when he bit it! I literally stopped in the middle of the road to get it out of his mouth. Scared me to death, talk about a joking hazard.

being silly at the pool

Chillin' on Dog Island..about two minutes after this he fell asleep sitting in his chair. He looks so big to me in this pic!

School day :) the look on his face cracks me up

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Picture dump

Picture dump time!! Pardon the quality they are from my phone...

The boy got his first Baseball glove. Loves it! He watches baseball with Gary every night before bed while he holds his glove and yells at the TV ;)

Playing on the playground in Savannah

Playing on Granddadys new boat in Savannah

The view from the Marina on Skidaway Island...ahh beautiful

Loving on Daddy

Checking out the boat with Didi

leaving Easter brunch

Daddy is so funny! I love watching these two together.

Riding home from Savannah this is the way he fell asleep..the boy loves him some football

D took a nasty spill one afternoon on the front porch :( He went face first into one of my concrete planters. There was blood everywhere...and I'm not gonna lie I freaked out a little. So weird, I can see other peoples blood at work all the time and it doesn't faze me...but something about seeing his and I freak. His teeth went about halfway through his lip and his nose was not only busted on the outside but from the inside too :( poor thing. and to top it all off he had school pictures the next day! Nice!

Fishing on the lake with Grandpa Gary and Gma Kim

We have been enjoying the pool almost daily

our little fish

My Magnolia is blooming and it is beautiful!

Davis took it upon himslef to do a little decorating...

Happy Mothers Day to me!

The boy in his Easter get up :)

I'm going to really really really try to be better at updating this little blog. I really want D to have this to look back on in 30 years.

Happy Summer Y'all!