Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Picture dump

Picture dump time!! Pardon the quality they are from my phone...

The boy got his first Baseball glove. Loves it! He watches baseball with Gary every night before bed while he holds his glove and yells at the TV ;)

Playing on the playground in Savannah

Playing on Granddadys new boat in Savannah

The view from the Marina on Skidaway Island...ahh beautiful

Loving on Daddy

Checking out the boat with Didi

leaving Easter brunch

Daddy is so funny! I love watching these two together.

Riding home from Savannah this is the way he fell asleep..the boy loves him some football

D took a nasty spill one afternoon on the front porch :( He went face first into one of my concrete planters. There was blood everywhere...and I'm not gonna lie I freaked out a little. So weird, I can see other peoples blood at work all the time and it doesn't faze me...but something about seeing his and I freak. His teeth went about halfway through his lip and his nose was not only busted on the outside but from the inside too :( poor thing. and to top it all off he had school pictures the next day! Nice!

Fishing on the lake with Grandpa Gary and Gma Kim

We have been enjoying the pool almost daily

our little fish

My Magnolia is blooming and it is beautiful!

Davis took it upon himslef to do a little decorating...

Happy Mothers Day to me!

The boy in his Easter get up :)

I'm going to really really really try to be better at updating this little blog. I really want D to have this to look back on in 30 years.

Happy Summer Y'all!


  1. Love all the pictures!! Great post!

  2. What a cute Mother's Day gift from Davis! And isn't that how it always goes...major fall right before pictures?! Glad he's okay!