Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Here is a glimpse at what Davis's nursery bedding is being made out of. I absolutely love the fabric combination and cant wait to actually have it in the nursery. Gary's mom is making it which makes it even more special for our sweet baby boy... of course when the nursery is done I will post those pictures

Garys Kansas Hunt

Gary is a HUGE hunter, he goes on several trips a year and hunts in Georgia on a weekly basis during the rut(when the doe's are in heat, and the big bucks come out) He took this 12 point with his bow in Kansas a few weeks back. I was so proud of him :) My dad and him leave Jan. 17th for four days to go to Mexico. I'll be 36 weeks... which makes us all a little nervous but I think we will be ok. On top of going on these hunting trips just to hunt it is also a buisness for Gary. He books hunts all over and usually attends them if they involve friends or family. His outfitters buisness is called Triple F Outfitters, Another thing that I am extremely proud of him about. He is wonderful at what he does and has a true passion for it

The Babies

This is Hanks infamous Mo hawk.. he has crazy top hair
Sweet Bella sleeping on her bed... we have bought her bigger beds but she prefers this one, it was Hanks to begin with but she stole it

Here are a few more pics of the dogs.... Hank is a little spoiled if you cant already tell. The picture right above is of Hank sleeping between Gary and I on our pillows. This is his favorite thing to do, he loves to snuggle. Poor thing has another thing coming in about 6 weeks. It will be very hard on him I'm sure.... It is no one's fault but our own, we definitely were the ones who spoiled him absolutely rotten.

Here are our babies, Hankinson(Hank) on the right Bella on the left

Oh and Thanks Lane for your help!
Ok here's my first real post... this is a picture if our first borns... Hankinson and Bella(left to right) these two are in for a RUDE awakening. I'm very interested to see how this goes. I'm sure there will be more post on how these two are adjusting once Davis makes his debut...... ok I cant figure out how to get an image on here... any insight??

Here Goes!

Well here goes, I decided to start a blog to share the experinces that come with a new baby. Although he is not here yet, he will be soon! Enjoy and bare with me as I figure this whole blogging thing out....