Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Garys Kansas Hunt

Gary is a HUGE hunter, he goes on several trips a year and hunts in Georgia on a weekly basis during the rut(when the doe's are in heat, and the big bucks come out) He took this 12 point with his bow in Kansas a few weeks back. I was so proud of him :) My dad and him leave Jan. 17th for four days to go to Mexico. I'll be 36 weeks... which makes us all a little nervous but I think we will be ok. On top of going on these hunting trips just to hunt it is also a buisness for Gary. He books hunts all over and usually attends them if they involve friends or family. His outfitters buisness is called Triple F Outfitters, Another thing that I am extremely proud of him about. He is wonderful at what he does and has a true passion for it

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