Monday, January 31, 2011


*written yesterday 1/31/2010

Today my baby turned one!? How did that happen?? As I was rocking him to sleep tonight I was singing him Happy Birthday and rubbing his back..... I all of the sudden for the first time today was over come with emotion. This time last year my sweet baby was in the NICU and I was fighting tooth and nail with the nurses to get me out of bed to go see him (csection). I remember in the wee hours of the night going down to the NICU and just sitting there with my hand on him for hours. At one point the nurse came in and told me to go rest and that he would be OK. I responded with " I have waited my whole life for this baby, there is no where else I need to be" to which she patted me on the back and walked out. I loved every minute with him. He was so tiny but so strong. Within 36 hours he was in my room with us and was being loved on by family and friends. All day to day I have played the "this time last year" game. Its crazy to think its been a year.

So Davis... What are you up too??

*size four diapers
*Size 18 month clothes.... I ordered 24mth and 2T for his summer jon jons! This seemed crazy but they actually fit
*22 lbs- 40%
*29 1/2 inches 50%
*Stands on his own and is right on the brink of walking just needs to build up some confidence
*size 4 shoes
*starting to be a little better at eating... for awhile he got really picky
*No longer nursing :( he weaned himself almost a month ago. He now takes about 4 Goats milk bottles a day. He just didn't do well with cows milk. I hope to in the coming months start cutting his bottles with regular milk and weaning him off the goats milk. It so expensive! 3.58 for a quart and he drinks one of those in a day and a half.
* Talking away- not always understandable but he's trying! some favorites are "Mama" "Daddy/Dada(he'll say both) "Ba" - bye "Na"- No "Nana"
* Loves to clap and dance when he presses the music button on his farm friends fridge thingy
* Crawls up on his anywhere chair and looks out the window. He loves it, yells at the dogs in the back yard.
*Loves being outside and swinging in his swing
*really enjoys playing in my cabinets, we are fixing this tomorrow!
*points to things he wants and grunts. We are working on please
*the dogs still rank pretty high on his list, he now chases them around the house. They look at me like "mom do something with this thing!" ha

I got an update from baby center today that said You toddler: week one
Ummmm excuse me? when did I have a toddler??? it really hit me then. My baby really isn't a baby anymore

On a different note thank you all so much for your prayers for Garys parents. They landed in Greece today and will be home soon. We asked them if they were going to stay in Greece for a few days and they promptly answered "No, we've had enough of this vacation" Cant say I blame them!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Prayer Request

If you could take a moment and say a prayer for Gary's parents I would so appreciate it. They are in Cairo, Egypt right now. They went on Vacation with another couple, the day they arrived the violence exploded and as you have probably seen on TV has just gotten worse. At first the travel agency was saying that where their hotel(right by the pyramids) was safe. Well we got a call from them early this morning and they told us that they were going to try to evacuate them to Athens but are unsure of exactly how to get them out safely. This is just a mess. and unfortunately Egypt is surrounded by countries that don't necessarily like the United States. Please please pray for their safety. They are such wonderful sweet people. My father in law is a retired Neurosurgeon and my mother law was a nurse at one time. The couple traveling with them is also a retired pediatrician and a retired nurse/teacher. I say this because these people devoted much of their lives to helping and saving other peoples lives, I know they would appreciate the thoughts and prayers for theirs. My mother in law I believe is quite frightened. and rightfully so. Thank you all so much

(somebodies birthday is tomorrow.... more on that later )

Thursday, January 20, 2011

stay at home mom and computer "issues"

I could really really really get used to this stay at home mom thing. Its pretty much solidified in my mind what I was put on this earth to do. What really stinks is that it's not going to last that much longer. I'm in the process of trying to figure out exactly what I'm going to do....I'm trying to find something that wont keep me too much from my babe and husband and something that doesn't stress me out to the max. which is what my last job did. Over the past almost two weeks I have really realized that this job loss thing was really a blessing in disguise. You would think Gary and I would be stressed but its actually been quite nice. Not stressed, clean house, happy child, dinner on the table... I just LOVE it. Sigh... maybe some things will change in the coming months that will change our situation. Keep praying !!! Please!!

Davis and I have been having such fun days... I know I say it all the time but he is at such a fun age. We just play and play together, I cherish every minute of it. We have enjoyed having play dates with special friends and just being able to play at home and enjoy each other. I think he loves having me with him all of the time. We will be playing and all of the sudden he will reach forward, grab my face and give me a big open mouth kiss, then he goes right back to playing. Boy melts my heart

On another note our home computer(laptop) is sick. Not sure what is wrong with the dang thing but it will not log onto the internet. I'm on Garys work computer right now and am enjoying this little Cadillac :)

Until we get the other computer fixed I'm afraid we are sans pictures.

Hope you all are having a wonderful January. xoxo

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mid January and lots of changes

Well here we are mid January... 2 weeks away from Davis' first birthday. We are doing his actual birthday party the second weekend in February, which I am thankful for. It gives me a little more time to get things planned and in order.

Which brings me to the big change. Monday afternoon I was laid off from my job. Big hit, but I am choosing to look at the positive side of it. Gods blessing in disguise. Time for a change.
I am going to be able to be home and spend some time with my sweet boy for the rest of the month but will be starting a new job come the beginning of February. God dropped a job in my lap that is just what I have been needing and looking for. Somewhat of a pay cut but something that I am passionate about and Davis will be with me :) I'll share more when I can

the only thing that is going to be tricky is the health insurance... if anyone has any tips in this field I would appreciate it. I will need to find a private health plan. which can be costly, but we are determined to make it work.

Any who! On to some fun pictures from Christmas and on. Enjoy :)

Davis' Christmas present from Gary and I was this storage system. we put all his new toys in it ready for him to explore Christmas morning... he loved it!

Opening his very first Christmas present the day before Christmas eve

He loved tearing into the presents.. he was a pro!

One of his Christmas presents from Nana and Popa

nana helping Davis play in his bus

Checking things out

This boy loves his bath time, he is free to roam and is a wild man in the tub. I cant hardly fill it up because he throws himself all over it, laying on his tummy and kicking his legs like a frog. Silly boy.

Cousin Paige and Davis on Christmas night

Table One at my dads house on Christmas night. We have a big crowd and I love it

table two :)

Aunt Lauren was here for over a week. Davis loves his aunt laun

Trying to get a good picture with Mama but D would not look at the camera

This is his new thing... he tries to eat the upholster nails/pins off of the couch... strange child
you can see the slobber marks where he was licking them.

We call this look the bull dog

Have a great weekend everyone!!! xoxo

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I seriously have no idea where 2010 went?! Wasn't I just pregnant? It absolutely blows my mind.
Our Christmas was wonderful and full of special memories with family. Davis loved all of the attention and new toys that our family got him. He is one rotten little boy. He tore right into the presents like he was an old pro! I thought he would be a little hesitant but he wasn't. I think he was more interested in the paper than the actual gift inside, isn't that how it is at this age? We have a whole new play area set up for D and he loves it. All his toys right there and I got a great little storage system for him at target(pictures coming)

On Christmas morning we had everything set up with all his new toys in his buckets. He LOVED IT! It is so precious to see him sit and play on his own, talking away as he takes Noah and the animals in and out of his little people ark( thanks Nana and popa!)

He got more toys than we know what to do with so we left some of them at Gparents houses. That way he'll have something fun to play with while he's there. We have his first birthday(tears) coming up this month... lord only knows what we are going to do with the stuff he gets from that! I told G the only thing that would solve our toy problem would be a bigger house! he laughed

We rang in the new year watching the Noles take down spurrier and eating steaks with some good friends. At 12:01(we were dead asleep, ha!) Bella(lab/bulldog) decided that we were under attack and began growling and barking very loud every time a firework would go off. which in turn sprung Hank(English cocker) out from under the bed and on top of Gary and I barking. Lovely. Davis then decided he was missing out on all the fun and woke up at 12:30 for some mama time.

Davis is now 11 months old and creeping everyday towards his one year birthday on the 31st. I just don't know how this happened??! He is more and more like a big boy everyday. Talking and playing and really showing us his Personality..the good, the bad , and the ugly! ha
I wonder where he gets this attitude and temper from?? I just have no idea... ha ha(those of you that know me are laughing right now)

Davis' first big step to becoming a big boy is getting a milk bottle. My supply has been quite pitiful for the past few months and all of the sudden a week ago he became uninterested in nursing during the day. I was a little heartbroken but we are still going at night so that helps my heart a little. He has taken to his milk(goats milk) bottles wonderfully. Soooo much easier than mixing formula that's for sure! I'm hoping we can go a few more months of nighttime feedings before he's ready to stop completely. I love our time together

So we are pressing on to the new year and hoping that some things that we have really been praying about will pan out for our family!! I cant say much more than that, but if your the praying type, PLEASE keep us in your prayers. We are possibly about to under go some really exciting things as a family that could change our lives for the better(no its not a baby)

Happy New Year everyone!!!