Thursday, January 20, 2011

stay at home mom and computer "issues"

I could really really really get used to this stay at home mom thing. Its pretty much solidified in my mind what I was put on this earth to do. What really stinks is that it's not going to last that much longer. I'm in the process of trying to figure out exactly what I'm going to do....I'm trying to find something that wont keep me too much from my babe and husband and something that doesn't stress me out to the max. which is what my last job did. Over the past almost two weeks I have really realized that this job loss thing was really a blessing in disguise. You would think Gary and I would be stressed but its actually been quite nice. Not stressed, clean house, happy child, dinner on the table... I just LOVE it. Sigh... maybe some things will change in the coming months that will change our situation. Keep praying !!! Please!!

Davis and I have been having such fun days... I know I say it all the time but he is at such a fun age. We just play and play together, I cherish every minute of it. We have enjoyed having play dates with special friends and just being able to play at home and enjoy each other. I think he loves having me with him all of the time. We will be playing and all of the sudden he will reach forward, grab my face and give me a big open mouth kiss, then he goes right back to playing. Boy melts my heart

On another note our home computer(laptop) is sick. Not sure what is wrong with the dang thing but it will not log onto the internet. I'm on Garys work computer right now and am enjoying this little Cadillac :)

Until we get the other computer fixed I'm afraid we are sans pictures.

Hope you all are having a wonderful January. xoxo

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  1. Hey thanks for the sweet comment! We would love to play sometime. My email is Have a great day!