Sunday, January 30, 2011

Prayer Request

If you could take a moment and say a prayer for Gary's parents I would so appreciate it. They are in Cairo, Egypt right now. They went on Vacation with another couple, the day they arrived the violence exploded and as you have probably seen on TV has just gotten worse. At first the travel agency was saying that where their hotel(right by the pyramids) was safe. Well we got a call from them early this morning and they told us that they were going to try to evacuate them to Athens but are unsure of exactly how to get them out safely. This is just a mess. and unfortunately Egypt is surrounded by countries that don't necessarily like the United States. Please please pray for their safety. They are such wonderful sweet people. My father in law is a retired Neurosurgeon and my mother law was a nurse at one time. The couple traveling with them is also a retired pediatrician and a retired nurse/teacher. I say this because these people devoted much of their lives to helping and saving other peoples lives, I know they would appreciate the thoughts and prayers for theirs. My mother in law I believe is quite frightened. and rightfully so. Thank you all so much

(somebodies birthday is tomorrow.... more on that later )

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