Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I seriously have no idea where 2010 went?! Wasn't I just pregnant? It absolutely blows my mind.
Our Christmas was wonderful and full of special memories with family. Davis loved all of the attention and new toys that our family got him. He is one rotten little boy. He tore right into the presents like he was an old pro! I thought he would be a little hesitant but he wasn't. I think he was more interested in the paper than the actual gift inside, isn't that how it is at this age? We have a whole new play area set up for D and he loves it. All his toys right there and I got a great little storage system for him at target(pictures coming)

On Christmas morning we had everything set up with all his new toys in his buckets. He LOVED IT! It is so precious to see him sit and play on his own, talking away as he takes Noah and the animals in and out of his little people ark( thanks Nana and popa!)

He got more toys than we know what to do with so we left some of them at Gparents houses. That way he'll have something fun to play with while he's there. We have his first birthday(tears) coming up this month... lord only knows what we are going to do with the stuff he gets from that! I told G the only thing that would solve our toy problem would be a bigger house! he laughed

We rang in the new year watching the Noles take down spurrier and eating steaks with some good friends. At 12:01(we were dead asleep, ha!) Bella(lab/bulldog) decided that we were under attack and began growling and barking very loud every time a firework would go off. which in turn sprung Hank(English cocker) out from under the bed and on top of Gary and I barking. Lovely. Davis then decided he was missing out on all the fun and woke up at 12:30 for some mama time.

Davis is now 11 months old and creeping everyday towards his one year birthday on the 31st. I just don't know how this happened??! He is more and more like a big boy everyday. Talking and playing and really showing us his Personality..the good, the bad , and the ugly! ha
I wonder where he gets this attitude and temper from?? I just have no idea... ha ha(those of you that know me are laughing right now)

Davis' first big step to becoming a big boy is getting a milk bottle. My supply has been quite pitiful for the past few months and all of the sudden a week ago he became uninterested in nursing during the day. I was a little heartbroken but we are still going at night so that helps my heart a little. He has taken to his milk(goats milk) bottles wonderfully. Soooo much easier than mixing formula that's for sure! I'm hoping we can go a few more months of nighttime feedings before he's ready to stop completely. I love our time together

So we are pressing on to the new year and hoping that some things that we have really been praying about will pan out for our family!! I cant say much more than that, but if your the praying type, PLEASE keep us in your prayers. We are possibly about to under go some really exciting things as a family that could change our lives for the better(no its not a baby)

Happy New Year everyone!!!

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  1. He is just the cutest! His eyes are beautiful!

    Westin has days where he acts dis-interested in nursing in the day and I'm wondering what this means.... He makes up for it at night though! haha