Friday, December 17, 2010

Photo Dump

I feel the need just to dump these on ya! They are piling up and its stressing me out.. so here you go!

Davis and Hank playing on the couch, they love each other!

We went to "elf night" last night. It was great till it started pouring down rain.
He looks a little confused! ha

Hey boy! Gary's mother made Davis this adorable longall. She is AMAZING!

With the penguin

Last weekend we went to Victorian Christmas with the Normans. Brycie and Davis are buddies.. just like their mama's. This Santa was just wonderful!! So sweet

Sweet Brycie, Aunt ashy loves you

One of his many faces he gives us

Eating his cracker and trying to stay warm!

The weekend before that we did the Festival of Lights downtown... Daddy and Davis. D was too distracted by the floats!

Tub Time!

Playing in the water

Playing in the bubbles! We actually hardly use this seat anymore, I just put him in it at the beginning so I can bathe him and them I let him splash around the tub. Its hilarious.. he throws himself everywhere, splashing and putting his face in the water. Its so fun to watch him

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