Tuesday, December 7, 2010

10 Months

He is actually 10 1/2 months now....

Sweet sweet Davis you are 10 MONTHS! You are the most precious thing to us and are becoming such a sweet and talkative little thing. Love you to the moon and back...

* Size 12-18 mth clothes

* Size 3 diapers

* You have become very picky about your food here recently...sometimes you want it pureed and sometimes you want in in chunks

* tried avocados again mixed with a little applesauce and you LOVED it.

*Sweet Potatoes are still probably your favorite.

*You take 2 bottles a day when you are away from me. Usually one is formula and one is BM. Mommy is having supply issues so it looks like this will be the norm from here on. I'll be lucky if i can keep you going til a year!

* you have 5 teeth. Front two bottom ones and on top you have your 2 front ones and one coming in right next to your right one.

* you are becoming very talkative and are actually saying some more things now. Dada, mama(maaa, when your mad or crying) Baba (bye, Bye? or Bottle?)

* you have started to clap and I just love it. At the parade Saturday you pretty much clapped the whole time.. precious!

* When I start to sing the itsy bitsy spider to you you put your hands together as to mimic the motions that I do along with the song

* pulling and standing up everywhere. My new prediction is that you will be walking by 11 months.. we'll see

* Hank is still the coolest thing ever to you.

* You were sleeping 8:00- 5 but have not been feeling very good lately so you've been up and down with me all night mostly to comfort nurse. I don't have the heart to make you cry when your not feeling like yourself

* you take 2 naps a day. with a cat nap on the way home every day.

This is such a fun age and we are loving watching you learn and grow everyday. BUT(ha) along with this fun age comes a little bit of attitude. You are very opinionated and let us know when you are not happy. You scream and cry when I change your diaper or your clothes. you would think we were killing you! the back arching and rolling over. Boy oh boy... you are as sweet as can be but definitely have a fire in you too.

We are so looking forward to the next few weeks and all the festivities!!

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