Sunday, May 30, 2010


We just got home from a 35 hour stay in the hospital with Davis. I'm exhausted he's exhausted we are all exhausted. Im going to bed, I'll explain our stay when I'm a little more rested.... it might not make much since right now. I will say that Davis is doing just fine now and I'm back to no dairy. ugh

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beach Time

We are going to the beach this weekend :) I cant wait to take Davis to the water, we wont be getting in just getting our feet wet. Pictures to come of his first trip to the Cape!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Four Months

Our sweet baby boy was four months yesterday. I cannot believe he is four months old, were has the time gone? I swear it was just yesterday that he was this little bundle of sweetness that was so tiny and squishy :) now he is 14 pounds and is 23 1/2 inches long. We get the official stats next week when we go for his four month appt. he is changing everyday I wish I could stop time and just enjoy these little moments of wonder.

What are you up too little one?

*weighs about 14 lbs
*is about 23 1/2 inches long
*Eats about 5 ounces when he gets a pumped bottle, nurses for about 15 min.
*Eats cereal every night and LOVES it!
*Size 2 Diapers
*Size 6-9 Month Clothes
*goes to sleep around 8-8:30 every night without a fight(most nights ;). Sleeps till about 3:45 eats then goes back to sleep. Still haven't had a through the night sleep yet but I'm ok with it, I cherish those middle of the night feeding/ snuggles :)
*His Hands are ALWAYS in his mouth! I think he is teething a little
*trys to roll over but hasn't quite gotten there yet
*loves sitting in his bumbo
*Still HATES the car seat if no one is in the back seat with him
*Had his first sleepover at Nana's house so mommy and daddy could have a night out :)
*When he's on his stomach he lifts himself up and tries to get his legs under him
*Talks all the time, loves to talk with Daddy.
*still very much a mommas boy, loves to snuggle and loves to nurse :)
*Has really found his voice, new sounds every day!

Now for some pictures :)

Cereal time! What a mess!

First time in the jumparoo

Four month picture with bunny :)

Comparison Shot, this was taken on Easter around 3 months. He has gotten sooo big!

Look at those chunky legs!! I could just eat him up!

Born to hunt :) Just like daddy and Grandpa

This is Gary's nanny from when he was little, Ethel, that came over to meet davis, She kept calling him "her" baby :)

Talking with Daddy, He thinks Gary is hilarious

He lOVES the octopus on his activity mat

So serious!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2 Years and Shands Appointment

In the chaos of last Monday(Robbery) I completely forgot to post about Gary and I's two year anniversary. We celebrated two years last Monday by going to outback and to Costco. Things have most definitely changed from last year. We have so much to be thankful for this year, most of all our sweet Davis. In the two years that Gary and I have been married me have seen many ups and downs, economy, death, failed pregnancies.... but we have stood strong through them all and I am convinced it has made our marriage even more solid. We are looking forward to raising our sweet boy and good things to come in the future.

On another note, we had our appointment at Shands yesterday with the G.I. specialist Dr. Jolley. We found out last week that Davis has a bacterial infection called C.Difficile. He more than likely got it in the NICU and it has just been hanging out in his body ever since. We started him on heavy antibiotics and he already seems to be doing soooo much better! No more blood in his stool :) So we kept our appt at shands just to make sure we are on the right track and we are! They said that he looks good and the stool tested negative for any blood. I can have dairy as long as the blood does not show back up and little man should be fine when we finish up the antibiotics :) YAY!! We go back in three months to make sure he is still doing good and that should be the end of it. I am so thankful for the good news, it is something I have been praying hard for. Nothing like a trip to Shands where you see little babies and children with cancer and other serious illnesses to make you count your blessings.

Tonight Gary and I are headed to dinner with my Mama and Step-dad to celebrate our 2 years together, I love extended celebrations :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Robberies, formula, and bacteria......huh?

Well that title definitely needs some explaining! We will proceed ahead in that order, here goes!

Well as you all know monday was my first day back at work. I was having a rough day but was trying to make the best of it. I called my MIL at 11:10 and told her to go ahead and give him a bottle that I wouldn't be home to feed him for his 11:30 feeding. I then went to the back pumped and then went back to my desk behind the teller line and began to count down my drawer(count your money and make sure that you are in balance) well at about 11:50 i looked up to see a man with a black mask on and a gun coming straight for me.....yes you read that right. He came straight to me pointed the gun at my head and told me to put the money in the bag. He kept the gun on me while I filled his bag. Thankfully the other teller had hit the panic button so I did not have to try and do this while this thug had a gun pointed at me and risk him knowing what I was doing and shoot me. I put every last dollar I had in his plastic bag and he was gone as quickly as he had come. I collapsed when he walked out the door into a puddle of shaking and tears. Im pretty sure I kept saying over and over again "I cant do this, I have a baby at home"
I was pretty shaken up by the whole situation. My dad who works for the sheriffs department came as soon as I called and Gary pulled in right when he was. It was nice to have people there that I knew. Not just only my dad and Gary but all of the Sheriffs deputy's that showed up. They all came up and hugged me and made sure I was ok. Such nice people. They are unsure if they will ever catch this man. He was covered from head to toe and had gloves on. No way to identify him, so that really sucks, but he will get what is coming to him. My work gave me off tues and wed and want me to take off the rest of the week but I'm going to try and go back tomorrow. We'll see how it goes. I'm currently looking for another job, I dont ever want to be staring down the barrel of a gun again. Great first day back at work huh?

on to the next subject....Davis got his first soy formula bottle. I am not giving up breast feeding by any means, this is just to give me a break every once in awhile( i currently do not have a lot of milk in the freezer, need to work on that) He liked it ok and seemed to handle it just fine. We wont be doing this a lot but its nice to know we have it and can use it if we need it :)

and for the last topic.... Bacteria. Remember when I said that we were having some issues with Davis having blood in his stool? well what we thought was a milk allergy we found out today is actually a bacteria infection called c.difficile. which means it can be treated by a strong dose of antibiotics. this bacteria can be very serious in children older than two and can cause them to be very sick and can even be fatal, but in infants it does not present itself in that way so thats wonderful news. While it scares me that he has a bacteria infection it also makes me happy that it is not a milk allergy. So we dont have to worry about dairy products with him and even better... MAMA CAN HAVE DAIRY AGAIN! YAY!!! poor thing though you know it has to hurt if blood is in his stool :(
Hopefully we will get this cleared up quickly and get our sweet boy feeling a little better. we are still going to go to Shands on Monday just to make sure we are on the right path.
Now for some pictures from the last few days :)

Sweet boy sleeping on his swing

giving me the stare down

loving his bath time

Napping on the couch

Sweet Bella :)

Crazy Hankinson

Mama and me photo shoot.... he loves his mama!

This picture cracks me up! Look at his face, too funny!