Monday, June 20, 2011

St. George

Sorry Ive been MIA for a couple weeks...our computers both crashed and had to be completely re-done. We have them back and were thankfully able to get every thing off of them. We have a fancy new external hard drive that will help protect our stuff. On to the fun stuff!!

A few weeks ago we went down to St. George with my Mom, Step Dad and Sister Kathryn. We had such a good time! The more and more we are at the beach the more he loves it. This time he loved getting out in the waves and "riding" them on his float. His favorite thing was to run up and down the beach waving and yelling at people as he ran by. He would just run and run. It was so funny , my mom said he looked like he was just happy to be free. It was precious to watch.

These were in order but somehow when they downloaded they came in on crazy. Sorry!

Big boy playing with his bucket

Making a sand castle with Nana. He would make it and then destroy it

Hard at work

This one goes in the favorite picture file. he looks so big here, Where did my baby go??

First taste of mint chocolate chip ice cream at Aunt Ebbys. He LOVED it

Taking over Aunt Kaddys ice cream


making Nana do all the work

The infamous Bucket Head. He thinks this is hilarious

playing on the beach

Hi Mama!

I had to include this... this is what happens when I try to brush his teeth. I literally have to hold him down to get them good. For some reason his incisors get really dirty? Gotta get those bad boys clean.

Stay tuned! We are headed down to the Cape this weekend for my birthday with a post to follow. Love our beach trips!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sweet Boy

Oh sweet baby please stop getting so big!! Your breaking your mama's heart and making it grow even bigger with everyday you grow. You melt everyones heart with those beautiful blue eyes and big smile. I could not be prouder to be your mama, you make me who I've always wanted to be.

Well if there is one thing you got from me.. its your ears. Bless your heart haha

I'm afraid your gonna break some hearts one day.

Davis is at such a fun age right now. He's starting to act like such a big boy. Go go go all the time and into EVERYTHING. We call him 'coon. As in Raccoon. God love em

The Cape

We headed down to our favorite place for the holiday weekend.. Cape San Blas! Gary grew up at this beach and I have since found my own love for it. Its just beautiful and not as touristy as say St. George. Its our little slice of heaven.

We had friends join us for a few days with their little bit Morgan. She is the sweetest most smiley baby ever! Davis just loved her. He said clear as day "Baby" as soon as he saw her. He says a lot of words some more clear than others but this one is by far one of the clearest he says. Its soooo precious! I just love it. Hopefully I'll get it on video soon :)

On sunday We headed out on the pontoon boat in search of a good sand bar for us to play on. Gary is officially the beat sand bar finder. I think I said 10 times or more "this is just perfect! It couldn't be any better"

See what I mean... breath taking

the water was about ankle deep. Perfect for our little babies

My boy loving him some water. This child was born to be on a beach. its in his blood

Bryan walking with sweet baby morgan

Big D driving the boat :)

He loved that he could just walk around and play

He finally figured out that there was sand under the water, He proceeded to pile it on mommy :)
My camara died(of course!) about this time. Why does that always happen!? ugh

We explored the sand bar finding cool shells with crabs in them and lots of scurrying sting rays. Davis thought they were really cool{dont worry I was holding him}

We headed in around 2 and said goodbye to Kim, Bryan, and Morgan. we rested for a little bit and then went to play with some more friends that were at the cape. Monday we had a fabulous cookout at the boyettes and then headed back to tally. We will be back for the Fourth though! With bells and Whistles :)

Davis and I are headed to St. George on Friday. we are just a bunch of beach bums this summer!