Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Cape

We headed down to our favorite place for the holiday weekend.. Cape San Blas! Gary grew up at this beach and I have since found my own love for it. Its just beautiful and not as touristy as say St. George. Its our little slice of heaven.

We had friends join us for a few days with their little bit Morgan. She is the sweetest most smiley baby ever! Davis just loved her. He said clear as day "Baby" as soon as he saw her. He says a lot of words some more clear than others but this one is by far one of the clearest he says. Its soooo precious! I just love it. Hopefully I'll get it on video soon :)

On sunday We headed out on the pontoon boat in search of a good sand bar for us to play on. Gary is officially the beat sand bar finder. I think I said 10 times or more "this is just perfect! It couldn't be any better"

See what I mean... breath taking

the water was about ankle deep. Perfect for our little babies

My boy loving him some water. This child was born to be on a beach. its in his blood

Bryan walking with sweet baby morgan

Big D driving the boat :)

He loved that he could just walk around and play

He finally figured out that there was sand under the water, He proceeded to pile it on mommy :)
My camara died(of course!) about this time. Why does that always happen!? ugh

We explored the sand bar finding cool shells with crabs in them and lots of scurrying sting rays. Davis thought they were really cool{dont worry I was holding him}

We headed in around 2 and said goodbye to Kim, Bryan, and Morgan. we rested for a little bit and then went to play with some more friends that were at the cape. Monday we had a fabulous cookout at the boyettes and then headed back to tally. We will be back for the Fourth though! With bells and Whistles :)

Davis and I are headed to St. George on Friday. we are just a bunch of beach bums this summer!


  1. So jealous of all your beach excursions! I love the picture of Davis driving the boat! Too cute!

  2. Makes me want to head to the beach, that sandbar looks AWESOME!!