Thursday, March 18, 2010


First, .... I really need to get some new pictures up of Davis and second I need to loosen up a bit and start trying to get Davis to sleep without me. I go back to work in may and while I have a month in a half to get him sleeping in his bassinet i feel like it might take that long. He just loves snuggling with his mama :) It works right now because I'm not working but when I have to be at work at 8 am I have a feeling it wont be as wonderful. I'm so torn with going back to work and this just adds to my anxiety about it. As i type he is asleep,...tummy down in his moses basket next to me on the couch. He sleeps great like this but he still can't do it without me watching him, making sure he is breathing. I have had many moms tell me just to put him on his stomach at night but I just cant. The risk is just to much. I'm thinking I'm going to get one of those angel care monitors. Have you heard of them? It's a monitor that you put under there mattress that picks up even the slightest movement, ie-newborn breathing. If the infant does not move after 15 seconds the alarm beeps once giving you a warning if they don't breath for another 5 seconds the alarm sounds. Ive talked to a few moms that have them and they say they don't know how they ever slept without one. It's great piece of mind and I have two moms I know that use it because their babies like to sleep tummy down. I plan on ordering one here soon,... I think it will help me with getting him sleeping without me. I pray every night that God will keep my sweet baby safe, we always say our prayers before snuggling down for the night. I'm worried now that something will happen to him and he's sleeping on me! Can you imagine how spastic I'll be when I got to put him in his bed?! ugh! I'm pretty sure if I wasn't going back to work that we might be sleeping together for awhile. If anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears!! Gotta go... little love is stirring and I'm sure he would like to eat :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tummy Time

sigh..... ladies and gentleman we have figured out the sleeping issue, drum roll please....... Davis is a tummy sleeper. insert frustration here. As most of you with children hopefully know babies can't sleep on there stomach's until they have head control, which at 5 weeks Davis does not. He took an hour nap earlier on his stomach(under my watchful eye) and as I type he is asleep tummy down next to me on the couch. Last night while I cooked AND ate dinner he slept in his moses basket, so very very nice. Unfortunately he can only take naps like this where I can check on him, so until he gets good head control, 3 to 4 months, we will keep trying things at night but I have to say I have a feeling that he will be with me until I can put him on his tummy. I'm hoping that taking naps during the day not on me will help with him getting used to his bassinet. Wish us luck!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm back

Hello blog world! Its been awhile since I posted but i've been extra busy taking care of sweet baby Davis! He really is the sweetest thing.... he has the best temperament. He really only cries when he has gas(which here lately has been more than I like) but as soon as he... well toots he's back to being happy! ha ha! Poor thing.

Mr. Man is starting to wake up for longer and longer everyday. His big awake time is after his first morning feeding and then again in the late afternoon. He of course is awake in between those times but he stays awake for the longest at those two times. I'm starting to think about a routine with him for bed... I'm thinking bath, nurse, bed? What do you think? It for some reason is overwhelming to me to think about getting him on a schedule and what schedule I want him on. Right now he goes to bed around 10:00(or there abouts depending on when he eats) sleeps for about 3 hours wakes up to eat and then sleeps for about another 4 to 5 before he wakes to eat again. Depending on the time he might sleep for another 2 or so hours after that. I want to bump up his bed time to about 8:30 but I dont want that to mess up the rest of the night.... maybe I'm over thinking this! any suggestions are welcomed!

he weighs about 8lbs now......still a little thing but is eating every two hours so I'm sure that will change :)

On another note, my dad's best friend Hamp passed away last Thursday from ALS. I have known this man my entire life, he was like another dad. it was very hard to say goodbye, especially for my dad. Bless his heart, its hard to see your dad cry. I know hamp is hunting in heaven right now and i take peace in knowing that he is no longer suffering. Please say a prayer for Hamps family and my dad right now.