Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Leavin on a jet plane

Headed to Knoxville! ! For a week! I'm flying solo woth davis and I would appreciate your prayers. This is only my third time flying and first by myself! Ahh!!! Freaking out a little!

Off we go!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday fun

Constant motion! !

We love our zoinks playdates :)
Maybe he'll take a good nap?

Davis and grady were giving eachother some love!

And sweet jack and davis playing on the cars

Happy Friday y'all!!

(Bare with me if these are all out of order, I'm doing it from my phone)

*Update: Davis slept for an hour and a half ??!! What do I have to do to get this child to sleep?!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Catch up!!

So sorry for the lack of blogging! But I just got all caught up! yay!! round of applause please and thank you ;)
School is over next week, hallelujah!, so hopefully I wont be so absent.

Scroll on down and enjoy! theres four post so don't miss any!!


Just a few random pictures that I thought were too cute not to include :)

Hank swimming in the ocean at Indian pass. I think if he went to heaven this is what it would be

Davis and cousin Parker at cousin Paige's dance recital. They were being so sweet together

Wearing Grandpaws hat

He loves my dads hat. they will sit and play like this forever, and my dad gets so tickled with him

putting it back on grandpaws head


As I was uploading pictures tonight I found this little surprise from my sweet friend Brooke :) A few weekends ago Brooke was my saving grace and watched Davis for us while I was at clinicals and Gary was at work. She took Davis along with her two to go swimming at another friend Becca's house. What awesome friends I have!!

LtoR: Sweet little Grace, Davis, and Jack enjoying their lunch

I love finding surprise pictures on my camera! Thanks Brooke!!
You may recognize handsome Jack from


Ive tried to get Davis to eat corn a million times but he just has wanted no part of it. that is until grandpaw gave it to him with some streak ajus on it...apparently that's the trick

See for yourself...hilarious

Here Grandpaw you try it

Kisses for LBJ(this is a joke in our family that has been now passed on to davis. Its a nic name that was given to my oldest cousin steven, it stands for little baby jesus. haha Meaning he could do no wrong and was the golden child in my mama jeans eyes. well now Davis has it, bc this child can do nothing wrong in any of his grandparents eyes. he has every single one of them wrapped around his finger. its quite precious to watch)

getting after it!


Big bite! Notice that huge steak on my dads was such a yummy dinner!!

after dinner relaxing in Grandpaws chair :)

Birthday Weekend at the Cape

For my 26th birthday we headed down to the cape for the weekend for some fun with friends.
The weekend consisted of yummy food, a little shopping, a lot of beach and boat drinks to go with it. Exactly how i wanted to ring in year 26(when did that happen??, wasn't I JUST waltzing down Tennessee street??)
We stayed up way to late and indulged a little too much, but inst that the way you celebrate!?!
we always have a wonderful time at the cape and Davis absolutely adores the
beach....and honestly with this view who wouldn't love it. the cape is a little slice of heaven

Digging right in and playing with his truck

Pure bliss...he LOVES the beach. He was throwing himself into the surf and rolling in it.

Checking things out

I love the look on his face

ready to take on the waves...I hope he never looses this fearless spirit...the world is yours little one

Hey big boy!

Where did my baby go??

giving sweet Harper some love..boy loves him some babies

Davis and Hank just hanging out

these two are T-R-O-U-B-L-E

We had a fabulous weekend, I am longing for another beach escape...sadly I have no idea when that's going to happen. but rest assured we will get away to our beloved cape a few more times before the weather gets cold

Until next time !

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Going mobile

Trying out blogging from my phone! Maybe it will make it easier with our busy schedule
Keeping up with this blog! Bare with me while I figure this out.....

Here's a picture of the sweet boy this morning