Sunday, July 17, 2011


Ive tried to get Davis to eat corn a million times but he just has wanted no part of it. that is until grandpaw gave it to him with some streak ajus on it...apparently that's the trick

See for yourself...hilarious

Here Grandpaw you try it

Kisses for LBJ(this is a joke in our family that has been now passed on to davis. Its a nic name that was given to my oldest cousin steven, it stands for little baby jesus. haha Meaning he could do no wrong and was the golden child in my mama jeans eyes. well now Davis has it, bc this child can do nothing wrong in any of his grandparents eyes. he has every single one of them wrapped around his finger. its quite precious to watch)

getting after it!


Big bite! Notice that huge steak on my dads was such a yummy dinner!!

after dinner relaxing in Grandpaws chair :)

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