Monday, June 28, 2010

Good News

We started probiotics last Friday 6/18. It was a shot in the dark that it would help with the blood in his stool. I was very skeptical but at this point was willing to try whatever anyone would suggest. So we started giving it to him Friday night and by sat mid day the blood was completely gone. I was very cautious at first thinking this has to be a fluke, but it continued through the rest of sat and then Sunday. I called my mom Monday morning after I had dropped him off with her to check and see if he had had a bowel movement yet(it had been since Sunday morning) she informed me that he did and that it had no blood in it. I was so happy I cried. I have prayed really hard for this, I have prayed that God will heal whatever is going on in his body and that I would be able to continue nursing. Well God has answered my prayers. Please pray that he continues to improve and that the blood stays gone. The Dr's at Shands said they cannot explain it but that if it works it works! I have a prescription for Flagyle(antibiotic) to give him if the blood returns. This was the medication that worked at eliminating the blood when he was three months old. Dr. Jolley wanted me to have it "just in case" I'm praying we wont need it. The doctors also said that I could reintroduce Rice cereal which we started Thursday, he did not tolerate it well and spit up a lot of it. Saturday morning he had a little spot of blood in his stool, so I completely backed off and I am staying off milk for awhile longer also. I'm thinking his little digestive tract just might not be ready for all of that quite yet. So please pray that we don't see that again :) I appreciate everyone's prayers, I am a believer in prayer and I know that God has his hand on Davis, helping him get better.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Birthday and wishes

Today's My Birthday... the big 25! For the first time I feel it. I'm tired and my back hurts from sleeping in a weird position with a baby next to me for the better part of the night. I swear 12:30 hits and that boy is not staying in his bed come hell or high water.... I'm usually so tired I give in and go get in the guest bed with him. It just works people... don't judge ;)

I'm having a great day so far... Davis slept in til 7:15 for me this morning, I get to go to lunch with my grandmother and I get to go to masa tonight! Three things that make me very happy. Oh and I get to go do pedicures with my best friend of all time tomorrow, I'm so happy I get to go do this... we need some "us" time together :) She has a 4 year old and I have Davis so when we have the kids our little gossip talks don't really work. Its always oh crap hold on or spelling out words instead of saying them. ha ha we sure have come a long way from our diaper days together :) Wouldn't trade her for the world, You know who you love love you!

I also have been thinking a lot lately about working versus being home with Davis. My heart aches to be at home with him...I feel as though I'm missing so much. I'm OK with the situation right now because hes with my mom, Come August he will be in a wonderful in home day care with a lady I have known for the better part of my life but it still is going to hurt dropping him off. With my mom he gets undivided attention and I think that's why I'm so OK with leaving him. When he goes to day care he wont be the only child and while I know this is going to be good for him(he's slightly spoiled) it still bothers me. I feel like I'm going to miss a lot of first... and well damn it its not fair. Just something I'm going to have to get over. I think that's why I have fought so hard to continue nursing.... its a closeness I have with him that no one else does. Anyways... just some random thoughts. and to all of you stay at home mommies, just know that this working mama is insanely jealous

Heres a pic of my little sweet thing!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

January 31,2010

The absolute best day of my life... I got Gary's camera tonight, thinking there was just one picture on there from the hospital that I wanted. Little did I know there were like 75 pictures from the time we got to the hospital on! It was like finding a
buried treasure, I thought I had all the pictures from the hospital already and I had forgotten that Gary took some in the delivery room. I cried looking at these...such sweet memories.....

(these are out of order)
right after little bit was born :)

Watching the Doctors work on him

This was in the labor and delivery room before they took me back to the O.R.

Seeing my sweet boy for the first time

So precious


The day after he was born, in the NICU

Right After they let me out of recovery, I was listening to the NICU doctors

Sweet baby

Going home, so tiny

I just wanted to share... hope you all enjoyed :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010


This is tooo funny!

Happy Fathers Day !!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Show Us your Life-Proposals

I'm again joining Kelly at Kelly's Korner for Show Us Your Life. This Friday its Proposals, how fun! Our story goes a little something like this....

I think from the time Gary and I started dating I knew that he was the one. There is just something different when you know, it just feels different you know?
Well we had been dating for 7 months when he popped the question. I knew it was coming because my dad who I think was in a state of shock called me and told me that Gary had come and asked to marry me. My response... Daddy I dont think your supposed to be telling me this! haha
So I definitely knew it was coming at some point. Although when asked I was told that he wanted to wait a while longer and that it wouldn't be until Spring and he didn't even have a ring yet. He was trying his hardest to keep it a suprise....bless his heart my dad kind of blew his cover. Well little did I know he was having the ring designed and hand picking the diamonds himself, making sure it was just perfect! I love knowing that he designed this ring just for me. :) As soon as it came in he proposed! He said he just could not wait to give it to me. It was a Thursday night and I was in gym clothes coming home with take out. We were house sitting for my mom and step-dad. well I opened the front door and there he was on one knee! I was so shocked I slammed the door in his face! He asked if I was going to come inside and I just said yes, but give me a second. ha ha It completely threw me for a loop!
I opened the door and he said the sweetest things to me and asked me to be his wife. I of course said yes! We spent the weekend going out with friends and celebrating, showing my ring and telling the story to anyone who would listen! It really is a magical time.

This is from our Engagement Pictures :)

and this one is my favorite from our wedding day... I wanted the perfect southern wedding, and thats exactly what I got :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

So sleepy

Yesterday I went to pick up Davis from my mom(Nana) and head home. Well the ride home before we got his new car seat was usually a not very pleasant one. Now he is happy as can be, as we were turning on our street I noticed that he wasn't making noise anymore. When I got out to get him out of his car seat this is what I found.....

Sweet chunky little thing! He never did this in his old car seat...again money well spent!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


We moved Davis to a big boy car seat Monday to see if it would help his attitude in the car. He LOVES it ! I think he was just over laying down and not being able to see around him. I went with the Britax Marathon and could not be happier. It has all the safety features I wanted and it will grow with him until 60 pounds. Definitely an investment but one that I'm glad I made. We are going to go get a car seat for Gary's truck this weekend. I think we are getting him the safety first alpha omega elite(I think that's what it is called).

Look at that big boy! and smiling none the less!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Davis is still having blood in his stool. We have been back and forth with the doctors done every test they can think of, put him on special formula(i hate this) and still blood. I feel like we are chasing our tails. The doctors just look at me with a blank stare. We have another appointment at Shands next week. I am praying hard and would appreciate if you would too that this gets resolved. It is not fair to him and I don't want him to be in pain. We went to church this past Sunday and I told them to page me when he had a dirty diaper so I could come change it, so those poor sweet ladies in there wouldn't have a heart attack when they saw it. I am open for anyone's advice or experiences. We went completely off of BM and it didn't seem to help at all so we went back to bf for the time being, but I feel as though those days are dwindling. I have a feeling the Dr's at Shands are going to have me stop breast feeding and put him on an even more elemental formula. I hate that because this sweet boy loves to nurse, its our quite time together. Its going to be tough. I just want my sweet boy to feel better, so whatever it takes.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Our Sweet Blue Eyed Boy

We recently had Stacy Ferris take some family pictures of us at Maclay Gardens, besides it being really hot we got some pretty good pictures I think :) here are a few of my favorite...

I love this one of my two boys :)

sweet boy

Such a flirt

there are those blue eyes!

Mama's sweet boy

hey there!

Show Us Your Life: China Patterns

I'm joining in on the Show us your life from Kelly's Korner.

I absolutely love both my everyday pattern, china, and Christmas China(a must if you ask me, it just makes Nov and DEC a little more special)

Here we go: My everyday is Portmeirion Botanic Garden. I love love love this pattern and have for as long as I can remember. My grandmother has this pattern and i have loved it since I was a little girl. It looks so nice on a set table, so fresh and spring-y.

This plate happens to be my favorite flower out of all of them, I love magnolias :) That's another thing that I like about my plates, There are different flowers on all of them

I even have a set of these glasses to go with them. I think they are just lovely, again different flower on each one!

Next is my fine china, it is Mottahedah Imperial Blue. I love the way it looks on a set table, now i just need a formal dining room to put it in. It is really to fancy looking for an ordinary table. Unfortunately I'm still collecting pieces to this collection(it might take awhile!) I wanted to have a full set of my everyday and my Christmas china so I sacrificed in this department! Its still beautiful though and one day I hope to have a full set

I love how timeless it is, not trendy just beautiful !

And last but definetely not least is my Spode Christmas Tree China. Again I have loved this pattern since I was a little girl. I have always said, even when I was WAY to young to be thinking about getting married, that when I did I would have Portmeirion Botanic Garden and Spode Christmas Tree China. What can I say, I know what I like

I have a full 12 piece place setting of this thanks to my mother in law and her best friend. It was one of my favorite wedding presents. Every year on thanksgiving i get out all of my christmas decorations and thins is the first thing i pull out of the china cabinet and put in my kitchen, retiring the portmeirion for the holidays

I also have these glasses that I absolutely love, it makes me happy when I drink out of them

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Anybody know how to get a picture up there ??

Monday, June 7, 2010

Hospital take 2

Now I'm in the hospital, with severe mastitis. and some weird lump that we will know more about tomorrow. sigh.....