Tuesday, June 22, 2010

January 31,2010

The absolute best day of my life... I got Gary's camera tonight, thinking there was just one picture on there from the hospital that I wanted. Little did I know there were like 75 pictures from the time we got to the hospital on! It was like finding a
buried treasure, I thought I had all the pictures from the hospital already and I had forgotten that Gary took some in the delivery room. I cried looking at these...such sweet memories.....

(these are out of order)
right after little bit was born :)

Watching the Doctors work on him

This was in the labor and delivery room before they took me back to the O.R.

Seeing my sweet boy for the first time

So precious


The day after he was born, in the NICU

Right After they let me out of recovery, I was listening to the NICU doctors

Sweet baby

Going home, so tiny

I just wanted to share... hope you all enjoyed :)


  1. He is so cute. Logan and I had a great time visiting with him today. (Logan did like the dogs better because they let her pull at them!)
    Can't wait until they come here to play. Love, Boo

  2. This makes me so excited (and nervous) to meet little Paisley!!