Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Davis is still having blood in his stool. We have been back and forth with the doctors done every test they can think of, put him on special formula(i hate this) and still blood. I feel like we are chasing our tails. The doctors just look at me with a blank stare. We have another appointment at Shands next week. I am praying hard and would appreciate if you would too that this gets resolved. It is not fair to him and I don't want him to be in pain. We went to church this past Sunday and I told them to page me when he had a dirty diaper so I could come change it, so those poor sweet ladies in there wouldn't have a heart attack when they saw it. I am open for anyone's advice or experiences. We went completely off of BM and it didn't seem to help at all so we went back to bf for the time being, but I feel as though those days are dwindling. I have a feeling the Dr's at Shands are going to have me stop breast feeding and put him on an even more elemental formula. I hate that because this sweet boy loves to nurse, its our quite time together. Its going to be tough. I just want my sweet boy to feel better, so whatever it takes.


  1. That's so scary!! I will be praying for you guys!

  2. OMG he is so adorable! I haven't looked at your blog in forever but I have it saved on my favorites now! I love all of his pictures on here, why haven't you posted these on facebook?!?! Sorry to hear about the blood in his stool, I'm not a mommy so I don't have any advice but he looks so chunky and cute since the last time I saw him!!!

  3. Have they checked for a fistular (sp?)?
    If it is red blood (new) then this is a possibility.
    Our older daughter had this...something to ask about anyway.
    Praying for your little guy.
    Ellen GA.

  4. Ellen what exactly is that? I feel like ive heard the word before?

  5. Not sure that this is of any help or not, I just saw your post on Kelly's prayer site and my daughter has been struggling with blood too. She is only 3 months old but we have had a milk protein allergy diagnosis and on further research, I believe we have also had a fore/hindmilk imbalance as I have an oversupply of milk. I have found that nursing just on one side for each feed has helped and letting my milk down into the sink before feeds (especially in the morning) and feeding every 4 hours during the day if she will go that long. I don't know if this will be of any help or not but it seems to be making a difference for us. Praying for you! We've been living with the blood for 2 months and it is so hard but are hopeful things are getting better finally!

  6. I also forgot to mention, I cut out all dairy, soy, wheat and egg on the advice of the pediatrician. It doesn't leave much but they have some great rice products (noodles etc.). I was also told to cut out beef. Lots of products contain soy (even vegetable oil) so careful label reading is necessary. It is tough but worth it if it works! I will be reintroducing some foods soon though.