Monday, June 28, 2010

Good News

We started probiotics last Friday 6/18. It was a shot in the dark that it would help with the blood in his stool. I was very skeptical but at this point was willing to try whatever anyone would suggest. So we started giving it to him Friday night and by sat mid day the blood was completely gone. I was very cautious at first thinking this has to be a fluke, but it continued through the rest of sat and then Sunday. I called my mom Monday morning after I had dropped him off with her to check and see if he had had a bowel movement yet(it had been since Sunday morning) she informed me that he did and that it had no blood in it. I was so happy I cried. I have prayed really hard for this, I have prayed that God will heal whatever is going on in his body and that I would be able to continue nursing. Well God has answered my prayers. Please pray that he continues to improve and that the blood stays gone. The Dr's at Shands said they cannot explain it but that if it works it works! I have a prescription for Flagyle(antibiotic) to give him if the blood returns. This was the medication that worked at eliminating the blood when he was three months old. Dr. Jolley wanted me to have it "just in case" I'm praying we wont need it. The doctors also said that I could reintroduce Rice cereal which we started Thursday, he did not tolerate it well and spit up a lot of it. Saturday morning he had a little spot of blood in his stool, so I completely backed off and I am staying off milk for awhile longer also. I'm thinking his little digestive tract just might not be ready for all of that quite yet. So please pray that we don't see that again :) I appreciate everyone's prayers, I am a believer in prayer and I know that God has his hand on Davis, helping him get better.

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