Monday, January 31, 2011


*written yesterday 1/31/2010

Today my baby turned one!? How did that happen?? As I was rocking him to sleep tonight I was singing him Happy Birthday and rubbing his back..... I all of the sudden for the first time today was over come with emotion. This time last year my sweet baby was in the NICU and I was fighting tooth and nail with the nurses to get me out of bed to go see him (csection). I remember in the wee hours of the night going down to the NICU and just sitting there with my hand on him for hours. At one point the nurse came in and told me to go rest and that he would be OK. I responded with " I have waited my whole life for this baby, there is no where else I need to be" to which she patted me on the back and walked out. I loved every minute with him. He was so tiny but so strong. Within 36 hours he was in my room with us and was being loved on by family and friends. All day to day I have played the "this time last year" game. Its crazy to think its been a year.

So Davis... What are you up too??

*size four diapers
*Size 18 month clothes.... I ordered 24mth and 2T for his summer jon jons! This seemed crazy but they actually fit
*22 lbs- 40%
*29 1/2 inches 50%
*Stands on his own and is right on the brink of walking just needs to build up some confidence
*size 4 shoes
*starting to be a little better at eating... for awhile he got really picky
*No longer nursing :( he weaned himself almost a month ago. He now takes about 4 Goats milk bottles a day. He just didn't do well with cows milk. I hope to in the coming months start cutting his bottles with regular milk and weaning him off the goats milk. It so expensive! 3.58 for a quart and he drinks one of those in a day and a half.
* Talking away- not always understandable but he's trying! some favorites are "Mama" "Daddy/Dada(he'll say both) "Ba" - bye "Na"- No "Nana"
* Loves to clap and dance when he presses the music button on his farm friends fridge thingy
* Crawls up on his anywhere chair and looks out the window. He loves it, yells at the dogs in the back yard.
*Loves being outside and swinging in his swing
*really enjoys playing in my cabinets, we are fixing this tomorrow!
*points to things he wants and grunts. We are working on please
*the dogs still rank pretty high on his list, he now chases them around the house. They look at me like "mom do something with this thing!" ha

I got an update from baby center today that said You toddler: week one
Ummmm excuse me? when did I have a toddler??? it really hit me then. My baby really isn't a baby anymore

On a different note thank you all so much for your prayers for Garys parents. They landed in Greece today and will be home soon. We asked them if they were going to stay in Greece for a few days and they promptly answered "No, we've had enough of this vacation" Cant say I blame them!

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  1. Happy Birthday Davis! Sounds like our boys are a lot alike! :)