Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mid January and lots of changes

Well here we are mid January... 2 weeks away from Davis' first birthday. We are doing his actual birthday party the second weekend in February, which I am thankful for. It gives me a little more time to get things planned and in order.

Which brings me to the big change. Monday afternoon I was laid off from my job. Big hit, but I am choosing to look at the positive side of it. Gods blessing in disguise. Time for a change.
I am going to be able to be home and spend some time with my sweet boy for the rest of the month but will be starting a new job come the beginning of February. God dropped a job in my lap that is just what I have been needing and looking for. Somewhat of a pay cut but something that I am passionate about and Davis will be with me :) I'll share more when I can

the only thing that is going to be tricky is the health insurance... if anyone has any tips in this field I would appreciate it. I will need to find a private health plan. which can be costly, but we are determined to make it work.

Any who! On to some fun pictures from Christmas and on. Enjoy :)

Davis' Christmas present from Gary and I was this storage system. we put all his new toys in it ready for him to explore Christmas morning... he loved it!

Opening his very first Christmas present the day before Christmas eve

He loved tearing into the presents.. he was a pro!

One of his Christmas presents from Nana and Popa

nana helping Davis play in his bus

Checking things out

This boy loves his bath time, he is free to roam and is a wild man in the tub. I cant hardly fill it up because he throws himself all over it, laying on his tummy and kicking his legs like a frog. Silly boy.

Cousin Paige and Davis on Christmas night

Table One at my dads house on Christmas night. We have a big crowd and I love it

table two :)

Aunt Lauren was here for over a week. Davis loves his aunt laun

Trying to get a good picture with Mama but D would not look at the camera

This is his new thing... he tries to eat the upholster nails/pins off of the couch... strange child
you can see the slobber marks where he was licking them.

We call this look the bull dog

Have a great weekend everyone!!! xoxo

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  1. So happy to hear you've already found a new job, Ash! The health insurance thing is a booger bear....biggest adjustment for us {with me leaving a pharmaceutical company, we left behind GREAT, inexpensive coverage}. However, getting the quality time with LE daily is worth every extra penny we pay. Call my dad if you need a few recommendations on private agents...he can help you out.