Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ok here's my first real post... this is a picture if our first borns... Hankinson and Bella(left to right) these two are in for a RUDE awakening. I'm very interested to see how this goes. I'm sure there will be more post on how these two are adjusting once Davis makes his debut...... ok I cant figure out how to get an image on here... any insight??

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  1. In "create a new post" there is a little picture to the right of the ABC check on that and it'll open a window so you can upload pics. I upload my pictures from Picasa or Flickr and you can copy and paste the html code into the post, but you have make sure that Edit Html is highlighted at the top rather than Compose. That probably doesn't make any sense!! :)
    You'll get the hang of it!! Thanks for sharing your blog....I'll add it to the list on the side of our blog!