Tuesday, May 29, 2012

picture dump

 Instagram picture dump time!! {can I pat myself on the back for actually keeping up with the blog??!! Whoop whoop}

Fun afternoons at the pool :)

This is so typical of Davis...Dirty feet with a ball in hand. He always has a ball with him in the car

Picking flowers (weeds) at church

Sunday Family park time. The boy rarely leaves home without a hat

Poor Hank..Davis stacked all kinds of stuff on him one night. Bless his heart he just sat there looking at me like "really mom?"

Ba(paci), ball, hat and the fox and the hound 2 On tv, the world is right! SN: yes thats a paci...dont judge ;)

Loaded up and headed to the beach
Oh these boys! they had so much fun running all over the beach. The look on Davis's face cracks me up like "what are you lookin' at?!"

Snack time! apparently Davis feels the need to show us four

Naked babies in an outdoor shower is the best!

Beach time with a sweet and special friend..thanks for having us over to play! SN: sweet H was so tired, she went to sleep right after this

Sleepy time on the way home from a fun weekend at the beach. Note the ball..I'm telling you he is obsessed!

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