Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Springtime and Easter

So here I am two months after my last post playing catch up again. Problem is my fancy little Nikon has not been cooperating with me lately and wont take any pictures?? Its like it doesn't like what I am doing or something...I need to go see someone asap that can tell me what I am doing wrong. ugh. frustrating.
Anywho! Here are a few pictures from April....

Springtime Tallahassee :)

Watching the parade with cousins Parker and Isabella

For Easter we headed up to Savannah for our annual trip to visit Didi and Granddaddy. we always have such a great time. Playing, eating, shopping and being spoiled :) Didi came down and got Davis and I on Wednesday morning so we could spend extra time with them. Daddy has been working so hard lately that he wasn't able to join us until Friday. On our way up to savannah we made a stop at  the bailey boys outlet on Sea Island. We picked up a few things for the boy and had fun looking at all the girl clothing...its a good thing I have a boy I'll say that. Ha!

Eating his cereal...why is this picture so blurry!

Who ya talkin' to bud???

Checking out Didi's beautiful flowers

Sweet boy

Don't let that sweet little face fool you! this thing right here is a handful
On Saturday they had a fun Easter egg hunt and petting zoo at the country club. Davis had such a good time and picked up quite a few eggs. Granddaddy took pictures at this little event so when he sends those I'll post them.
Sunday was Easter so we got the boy dressed up in his Sunday best and headed to Didi and Granddaddies church. After service they had a little Easter egg hunt for the kids...Davis caught on quick!

Running to the next egg

We had a fun time, unfortunately this was about the time my camera stopped working. We had a wonderful brunch at one of the clubs and then headed back to Tallahassee.

More updates to come...Promise!

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