Monday, February 27, 2012

What have we been up too??

I'm not even going to make excuses for why I haven't blogged other than the fact that life has just been busy. So hold on tight this is about to go bullet style

Here are some things I want to remember...

davis now will call the crows when he is outside and hears them. he learned this from grandpaw and thinks its so funny. he looks up at the sky and makes a huh huh noise. ha

*Davis is talking up a storm and really starting to put sentences together. "Go bye bye mommy's car?"  "No go potty" and "down hank" are just a few examples.

* when we say our prayers at night he finishes it up with a big "Ahhhmeeen!" God love him

* Davis' favorite things to do is play "ball" he would play outside for hours with all of his balls if you let him. He loves anything to do with sports and will sit and watch it on tv with Gary. He has quite the little arm on him...Daddy is hoping this literally "pays" off later in life ;)

* Davis has been going potty for about 2 mths now. He goes "poop!" on the potty every time but the "peepee" is a different story...he'll go if you take him but inst that great about telling you he needs to go before he does. He will tell you afterwards but that doesn't help me much ;) I'm not pressing it though I figure he will do it when he is ready. So right now we are about half way potty trained!

* this is Davis's famous "ewww" face. Hilarious. 

* We celebrated our sweet boys 2nd birthday! (more on that in another post)

*Davis switched schools and we couldn't be happier :)

 * we had friends over for dinner...and had a hard time sharing. Is it bad that we couldn't stop laughing at them??It was so funny. Davis couldn't understand why this "baby" was taking all his stuff

Sweet Morgan did not want to share her Daddy

Playing blocks :)

We have had lots of fun playdates and have kept ourselves busy. Our sweet boy is full of life and energy and there is never a dull moment in the smith household. He has quite the little temper and attitude sometimes but we are getting a handle on it thankfully. I will say one of Davis new sentences is "No spoon mommy, no spoon" while he holds his hands up as in "no i'm good" He seems to be taking after his mommy in his hard headed ways...and the spoon worked for mommy too. Imagine that.

Until next time...
Note to self...take more pictures

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  1. Westin loves the car ramp thing! He plays with it for long periods of time every day. I'm so glad we got it.