Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Baby Bubble Bee

 Today we had Davis's end of the year program at his preschool. It was sooo cute watching them all do the hand motions and "sing" ;) bless that music teachers soul...I'm sure she has earned her keep teaching these little ones. It was such a cute little performance and they all did so well. No one cried or ran off stage, so I would say it was a success! 

This was Davis's favorite song "Baby Bumble Bee" I believe this was when they were squishing the bumble bee ;)
it was a montley crew

A little nose picking

Davis and his little friend Oakley started to play at this point...growling in each others faces. These two spell TROUBLE! Whats funny is that Gary and Oakleys daddy have been friends for years...Its cute to see D & O be friends too. I just love small(ish) towns

Nana and Davis after the program

Pawpaw and D :) SN: my child needs a haircut

Daddy and D. Davis was very over it at this point..I had to tempt him with a lolli pop just to look at the camera
We have been so happy with Davis's preschool. I love everything about it and his teachers are some of the sweetest women I know. His last day is next week...I'll be sure to do an end of the year post with comparison pictures :) I'm so looking forward to another year of fun and learning. I know he will miss all of his friends this summer.

Happy Hump Day!! Xo


  1. Adorable! Love the nose picking picture....priceless! They sure have grown up a lot this year!

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