Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Take 1- Twas the night before Christmas...

Every year on Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember we go to my Grandparents house and this year was no different! Its always a big group and a fun time. Davis was starting to get sick so he was a little out of sorts but after opening a present he was set to go with his new ambulance to play with. We had a yummy dinner of prime rib that was melt in your mouth good. Up next was the presents!!
he had present opening down pat! Love this sweet boy!

Playing cars with cousin Thomas

It was hard to take pictures because I was helping d open all his presents, but my Uncle Mark was snapping away so hopefully I will have some more pics from our Christmas Eve festivities! D was spoiled rotten with gift galore. Including: Matchbox cars, Race track, a pop up Thomas the Train tent, some more cars, and books. it was so funny to see everyone in the room with all eyes on Davis, he is definitely the life of the party. His cousin Thomas was so good with playing with him and Davis thinks he hung the moon. Pulling him in every direction and tackling him whenever Thomas sat down on the floor. He's so lucky to have so many people around him that love him
We had a wonderful night and headed home to put the boy to bed and play Santa. It was so fun setting everything up for Davis to see the next morning. He's getting to such a fun age!

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  1. Love the title! Looks like D had a great time with your family!