Thursday, September 23, 2010

Weekend Fun

A few weekend ago Gary, Davis, and I went to Gainesville(right outside of Atlanta) to visit his Fraternity brother William and his family. we had such a wonderful time. Full of wonderful fellowship, food, and shopping. It was my first time meeting Williams wife Jennifer and their two children Will and Emmaline. Jennifer and I clicked right off the bat! I loved every minute I spent with her. the first thing she said to me when she opened the car door at 9:00 at night was hey, its so nice to finally meet you, give me the baby! She was wonderful all weekend with helping me with him. I hope Davis and our future children are as sweet and well behaved as her two. Emmaline was the best helper... she was one step behind me the whole time we were there. Wanting to help any way she could. Davis absolutely loved her too! He would smile and reach for her. Too cute!

This was Davis's first long car ride and I was a little weary of how it would go. Thankfully he was as sweet as he usually is. Slept most of the way.

This is a picture of him passed out with his lovies close by :)

Jennifer and I sat on the porch each morning and let Davis see all the cats(7 total!) and the one lone dog Huck. He loves animals as you can see by the smile on his face

Emmaline was helping me give him a bath Saturday... loved the big deep sink. I think I need one!

Happy boy!

Playing on Emmalines princess blanket, He would pat their faces and talk to them, he likes his women ha ha

I took his walker with me and it came in handy! They have an absolutely beautiful home on the side of the mountain. Lots of open space inside for Davis to run around in his walker.

This is the view out of their HUGE window that is as tall as the house is. I mean I could seriously live here! It was beautiful. In the mornings the fog would rise up through the trees, I told her I was coming back when the leaves start to change. Can you imagine how pretty it will be?

Sweet Emmaline with one of the many cats. They have 7 cats total to keep snakes away from the house. Jennifer said so far its worked and no cats have been harmed! they were by far the sweetest cats I have ever been around. They would let you hold them and cuddle them any way you liked. William said its because Emmaline has broken their spirit ha ha

We went full force while there and enjoyed every minute of it. While the boys went to the Clemson/Presbyterian (where they went to college) game. Us girls had a fabulous girls day(plus D) complete with a yummy lunch topped off by a chocolate cream pie, YUMMY!!

That night Jennifer and I cooked the Pioneer Woman's "best ever roast" I will have to say Jennifer and I were a little disappointed but we think we just need to try again and then make our final ruling :)

Sunday mid day we headed back to good ole' Tallahassee. Davis didn't do so hot on the way back. Daddy tried to make us both feel better by stopping at the outlets, Mama was happy!!

I can't wait to go back and visit them again. So special to have such sweet and wonderful friends. We love you guys!!

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