Tuesday, October 5, 2010

8 Months

Where have these 8 months gone???
Our sweet baby is growing into such an adorable and loving little boy...with a wild streak(courtesy of his mama)

We haven't been to the doctor since 6 months but I'm guessing D weights about 20 pounds and is maybe around 29 inches?? We go back to the doctor next month so we will get the official stats then. He has gotten so long in the past month... all of the sudden he is long and skinny, with rolls placed in the perfect places :) I could eat him alive ...or maybe just nibble ha

He is still such a mama's boy and I just eat it up. He gives open mouth kisses and grabs my face. Probably one of the sweetest things EVER
He gives Daddy kisses every night before I go read to him its quite precious and makes Daddy smile

He is now full on crawling.. let the baby proofing begin!

and trying his hardest to walk... please no!!

Some of Mr. Davis's Stats

*Size three diapers
*Wears 12 month clothes, mostly for length
*STILL waking up at night
*eats 3 meals a day and is starting to get more table food than pureed food
*still not a fan of the sippy cup, just chews on it
*Nurses every three to four hours and takes a BM bottle when he is a daycare
*Still not handling formula well at all, which is fine as long as I pump enough!
*takes two good naps a day.. one in the morning around 9:30 - 10 and then one in the afternoon around 2. He takes a short snooze on the drive home everyday too
*Crawling every where
*pulling up and standing
*gives the best sugar!
*We are pretty sure we heard him say "hank" the other day.. he pronounced it "ank" He absolutely LOVES Hank so it would not surprise me at all. Anytime Hank comes near him he squeals and starts laughing, I'm sure they will be best buds as Davis gets older.

We could not be more pleased with the way the dogs have handled Davis. Bella takes the more stand offish but protective roll and hank just runs circles around him. Neither one has ever showed any kind of aggression or weird behavior towards him, which is a HUGE relief. You can tell they both love him and he just adores them too. Every little boy should have a dog :)

I feel like I'm forgetting something??

Oh yeah! I entered Davis in the pottery barn baby of the month contest on FB... If you could please go to PB kids fan site on FB and go to contestants. He will be in a blue bucket with a big ole' smile on his face (maybe page 13??) :) Thank you so much!! xoxo

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