Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I NEED A NEW CAMERA! any suggestions?? something not to expensive because I'll either 1. loose it or 2. Break it

So around 100-150?

One that takes good face pictures and action shots



  1. i love your new picture!! and my camera is a sony a330. i love it! i don't know price because i got it for christmas last year from my hubby. it is super easy to use though.

  2. Consider a Canon SD1300 for a good pocket camera in your price range. http://goo.gl/Vm9gm

    If you can jump a little higher go with the 1400, I have this one, but it will cost you $180.

    But if you really want a camera you won't lose and is worth the money, go with a Nikon 3100 for fast pictures you will want to frame. http://goo.gl/dNzUF

    Good luck!