Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So my wonderful husband surprised me about two months ago with a trip to Cozumel with some good friends of ours. I am very excited to get away with Gary but I am also very anxious about leaving Davis for 4 days. I have never been a fan of flying and now there is so much more to loose. When I start to think about it it makes my heart race and my throat clinch up.....I am so thankful that Gary noticed that we needed a get away to a tropical paradise but I just wish I didn't have to leave my baby.. but then that really wouldn't be a get away would it?? Sigh.. this mama's gonna need a few drinks on the plane so I can relax. My mama will have D for Fri, Sat, Sun, and we get back Monday evening. I have been pumping like a mad woman trying to get enough bottles for him while I'm gone. I'm also taking my pump with me to keep things going...I'm going to TRY and get back in the country with the milk I pump but we'll see how that works out. I'm so worried that D will not be good for my mom. He's never been away from me like this and he is such a mama's boy I think after a day of not seeing me he might start to be a pill. Rest assured there will be lots of cuddle time when I get back! I know I will come back refreshed and revitalized... oh and tan ! But right now my anxiety is getting the best of me. Do you all mind saying a quick prayer for us as we set out Friday morning?? I would greatly appreciate it.
While we are there two of our good friends are going to get married right there on the beach, so exciting! We are thrilled that these two are taking the plunge... and what a beautiful place to do so!

Davis LOVES his dogs! Anytime either one of them is near they catch his attention. I can see them all three being the best of friends... Bella's more of the let him grab on her and lick him type... where as Hank just wants him to play. D is especially fond of Hank.. I think it is because of his black and white coat. These pictures are from the other day when I put Davis in the hamper so i could fold some clothes on the floor.. he loved it and sat in there and watched the dogs run around him. I think he liked it so much because he could sit up really good and could hang on to the sides. It was too cute!!

Hank sniffing him out... I would have died if he had done this when he was really little but Ive loosened up a bit. Boys will be boys
**Disclaimer-D does not usually run around in a white shirt and diaper...we were having a W.T. moment ha ha

Watching Bella and Hank play

Best friends... Hank looks scared.

Happy baby!!

We have Davis's 6 month appointment coming up... do I really have a 6 month old!!?? Crazy how time flies. I weighed D the other night and we are looking at about 17.5 pounds. I'll have the solid stats once we go to his appointment. I seriously cannot believe he is getting so big. He is becoming such a little boy!

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