Friday, July 2, 2010

Beach Time!!

We are headed to the Cape this weekend! I cannot wait, it will be so nice to get away for a few days and get to spend time with my elusive husband ;)

Excuse the quality of these next few pictures... they were taken with my BB.

Sweet Boy fell asleep after eating last night. Chunky little thing

I got these little plaques at target yesterday for 7 bucks, I just love the way they look in my kitchen

And last but certainly not least a picture of the sweet boy in the tub! He is getting a little harder to bathe here lately... last night I had Gary come watch him for a second while I checked on dinner. All of the sudden i hear coughing and Gary saying "you OK buddy?" and patting his back. Davis was just fine, he rolled off of his seat and took in a gulp of water. He was back to smiling by the time I saw him. Gary looked at me and said " He could have drowned!" I responded yeah that's why you NEVER leave a baby alone....glad he saw first hand how easy it can happen. It will make him cautious!


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