Friday, July 9, 2010


So I completely forgot to do Davis 5 month post.... took the pictures but just forgot to post them! shhhh... if you don't tell I wont

All dressed up in his Sunday best :) I think he looks so chunky in this picture

And the comparison shot....
4 months :)

he has started to take notice in his bunny now when we go to take the pictures, here he was trying to eat him. ha ha

*wears size 6-9 month clothes
* Size 3 diapers
* goes to sleep around 7:45-8:00 every night
*STILL wakes up twice a night, sigh
*has the best personality... so sweet and quick to smile
* has started to laugh when we do something funny.... he got going the other night at the beach and I started to laugh and he laughed even harder. So cute!
* LOVES bath time
*Hank and Bella always catch his attention, he loves to watch them play
*Started eating solids.... so far he likes apples, prunes and bananas. I am going to make some carrots and sweet potatoes this weekend and try them. I know they say not to do fruit first but he was having some trouble going potty so we had to try some apples and prunes.
* is really finding his voice, loves to sit and talk to you.
*Gets on all fours, but not sure what to do when he gets there.

everyday is something new, it is so fun to watch him grow and learn. I love this sweet baby more than life itself and cannot imagine our lives without him. I thank the lord for giving me this wonderful gift everyday.

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