Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wrap Up!

We had such a wonderful time at the Cape this weekend. Davis absolutely LOVES the beach, we were on the beach for 5 hours on Saturday. We had a tent set up for shade,so it worked out perfect! He took two naps, played in the water and in the sand. When he got all sandy Gary stripped him down and dipped him in the water. He never cried once, Gary and I joked that maybe we should move to the beach..... I was ready! ha

mamas sweet boy :)

Hey sweet boy!


Daddy and Davis

Wearing Mr.Keith's hat :)

Sunday we headed over to the Boyette's beach house for the annual fourth of July cookout. Always a good time with yummy food!! Davis again was the perfect little attendant. Everyone just loved him and he was loving he attention. Gary and I said all weekend how lucky we are to have such a sweet baby, he is so easy going.

Sweet baby hiney

Hey there blue eyes!

Davis and Mims enjoying the nice weather

taking a break from the festivities!

We headed back Monday and spent the rest of the day unpacking(you sure do take a lot of stuff when you have a little one!) I cant wait to take Davis back to the Cape, will be so fun to watch him grow up on the beaches that his Daddy grew up on. Special memories

We started solids on tuesday and Davis absolutely LOVES his new food choices! We started with apples and have since had prunes, and avocados. He gets so excited that he squeal when he sees the spoon headed towards him. I plan on making most of D's food, this weekend I am going to make some sweet potatoes.... we'll see how they turn out! It also is helping him space out his feedings a little bit more, which is nice for me. but the boy still loves his mama time :) and I love it too!
First bite.....


and Bath time!
Rub a dub dub another picture of the boy in the tub!

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