Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We tried green beans last night and D loved them!! YAY! I was so worried that he wasnt going to like his green veggies, but turns out those are one of his favorites so far. Small victory in the mommy world :)

I get so tickled with him when he's eating, he really enjoys meal time. Grabs the spoon, hands in mouth, squealing..... and then cries when its "all gone!"

Making a huge mess at breakfast. after he is all done eating I let him take his spoon and bowl and "practice" making it to his mouth. This is usually the end result.
*Note the applesauce on the side of his head

"Whats this?"

Green Beans... Yumm! We are getting some GREAT use out of the bumbo lately. He eats in it every day and will sit in it while I cook. He loves to beat on the tray and play with his toys.

Anybody have any good baby food recipes they want to share??

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