Monday, July 19, 2010

Baby Food

I decided before I had Davis that I wanted to nurse as long as I could(up to a year) and I wanted to make his baby food. Well we are still going strong in the nursing department so I figured it was time to get to cookin'! I went to publix last weekend and bought some organic carrots and Sweet Potatoes, Ive heard those are the easiest to start out with.

I boiled

and blended

and got a whole lot of this!

Davis absolutely loves both the sweet potatoes and carrots. He gets very upset when they are all gone, its actually pretty funny

Sweet boy

We do those at night and organic applesauce in the morning. Yesterday I had another baby food making session. This time I made Squash and zucchini, sweet potatoes, carrots, and Green beans. We'll see how he likes the "Green" veggies. I let him taste test yesterday and we might have a problem with the green beans....we'll see

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