Wednesday, August 11, 2010

6 Months!

When did my baby get to be 6 months?? pure craziness

Davis is doing new things everyday, it really is so fun to watch him grow and learn. He is trying his hardest to crawl right now, gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth.... not sure I'm ready for that yet!

He also cut two teeth last week. bottom right Friday and bottom left Saturday. Bless his heart it had him a little out of sorts. He wasn't what I would call miserable, just irritable. Unfortunately he has stayed this way since then which makes me think he may have some more coming in right behind those. He just wants me to hold him, which is OK with me! :)
Update: what I thought was more teeth actually turned out to be a cold, poor thing

Gary made the comment last week that he is a mama's boy and that I need to toughen him up a little.... I told him to back off, and that pretty soon Davis wont want anything to do with me and he'll be all about him. So give me my time and let me soak it up! ha ha

We have been having some problems with sleeping lately... seems like he has reverted back to being tiny. He wakes up every night at 12:00 to eat, then goes back to sleep till around 5:30 eats again and is fidgety from then on out. Any suggestions?? I'm not OK with letting him cry for longer than about 10-15 minutes so the "cry it out" is out of the question.

We also had his 6 month check up last week. They said he looked "perfect' and that whatever we were doing to keep it up! It feels really good to hear that as a mom.

some stats :)

* 17 lbs 14ounces(55th percentile)

* 27 1/2 inches long(75th percentile)

* almost crawling

* has TWO teeth!

* Can sit up all by himself

* Eating Breakfast lunch and dinner

* nurses(or bottle when I'm at work) about every three hours still.

* nursing is still going good

* sleeps from 8:00 to 12 eats then sleeps from then til about 5:00-5:30, goes back to sleep but its a fight.-obviously we need to work on our sleeping issues

* his absolute favorite thing to play with is Hank(our dog). He can be fussy and I can call hank in the room and Davis turns into smiles. These two are going to be the best of friends :)

*Loves to be outside

* is having more and more fun playing with Daddy. Gary was talking the other day about taking him hunting, it was so cute. I told him we might have to wait til next year to do that ;)

* enjoys watching Baby Einstein in the morning while mommy and daddy get ready for work.

* just starting to get a little separation/ stranger anxiety. Its really not bad at all, but he has started to look at me or Gary with a look of "am I OK" once we reassure him, he adjust just fine

* started at an in home day care this week, and has done great! He really loves watching all the other kids play. He is the youngest so he gets lots of attention.

* got his first cold last night, it was a ROUGH night. poor thing, I had to hold him most of the night so he could breath better. Any suggestions on that mama's? Not sure if there is anything I can really do for him?

On another note, I cant find my camera. So his 6 month pictures are going to be posted once I can find where I put it!

But for now, here's a picture of the sweet boy in his new highchair(thanks Didi and Grandaddy!) eating green beans

*we had a wonderful time in Mexico... I'll do a separate post on that soon!

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