Monday, November 5, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

 A week (or so) ago Davis's class went to the pumpkin patch at their school. Every year the church that their preschool is at puts on a big pumpkin patch. It is always so fun and has such nice people at it :) I grew up enjoying it and it is just so fun now to be there with Davis. I helped with face painting and then went and sat with his class during story time. The kids had fun and were all over the place!

Coming down to the patch!

Sweet Leyton(and mommy Kristen) at story time
Davis was more concerned with checking out the tent we were sitting in

I love this picture. He insisted on sitting right in the middle of all the pumpkins.
Ever tried to take a picture of nine 2 year olds? not an easy task...

no one looking...
This way D! Hadley, front and center!
poor Leyton was trying to poke her head up....I gave up at this point! ha! 

Love his sweet classmates..they are all just precious :)

Up next....Halloween parade!

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  1. How fun! I could not imagine getting 9 two year olds to look at the same time!! Love D in the middle of the pumpkins :)