Tuesday, October 30, 2012

16 Weeks

Woah belly!! I just laugh when I look at myself in the mirror! The belly popped out pretty quick this go round and I have decided to just embraced it and rock it ;) I'm going to "try" and keep up with this pregnancy updates every week..or so! ha
This pic is from last week so I need to get on taking week 17 picture....crap..I'm already behind

 How Far Along: 16 weeks

Size of Baby: An apple, I think?. 

Total Weight Gain: none. Lost 12 pounds in the first trimester and am still about 10 away from gaining anything. This is HUGE! At this point with D I was up 10 lbs.

Gender: BOY! Walker Hanson

Movement: Feeling kicks here and there. Mostly at night when I lay down, I can feel him rolling around through out the day.

Sleep: Starts out great and then ends with me on the couch uncomfortable and wide awake

Maternity Clothes:  mostly regular with maternity things thrown in here and there. Belly band and maternity leggings are a must 

Signs of Labor/Symptoms: none
Bellybutton: In

Cravings: It changes from Day to day. When I want something though I want it right that second.

What I miss: hmm..not having heartburn

Best Moments from the Past Week: Feeling baby boy move more and more and being told we are having another sweet boy :)

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