Sunday, October 14, 2012

Well hey!

oh goodness..has it really been 3 months since I posted anything?? Hello?..anyone?? haha
I'm not even going to try and back blog..but I'll catch us up to date. Lets see in July we went to Tennessee for our annual mountain lake escape with Nana and Popa. It was wonderful as always :) camera somehow did not make the trip so I do not have any pics besides the ones from my phone. I'll do an instagram dump sometime this week...hopefully! I'm Ash_Smith85 if you want to follow me! We enjoyed the Norris Lake, bounce houses, ice cream, visiting with family, going to the zoo, playing in the parks, swimming, eating and just enjoying being around some of our favorite people. Aunt Lauren was with us for a few days which we loved. Hate that she is so far day I will get her closer!

We got home and hit the ground running with our usual day to day fun! Davis is at such a fun/challenging age right now. One minute I just want to eat him alive and the next he is going to time out. Oh the joys of a 2 3/4 year old ;) 3 is creeping up on us and I can most certainly tell. I've heard it is worse than fun! He really is such a sweet little boy and so full of life. He keeps us laughing all day. His favorite things right now are school, dinosaures, tractors, football, baseball, mickey mouse playhouse, Jake and the neverland Pirates, chicken nuggets, singing and playing instruments( Daddy bought him a real drum set for Christmas, seriously?!), playing outside, lollipops, mama, playing with Daddy, and just being a boy!! We accomplished potty training in August and he is doing great :) so glad to have that one under our belts.

We started back to school in August and Davis still absolutely loves it. We are back with Mrs. Pearson with a new assistant teacher Mrs. Bass. Davis loves them both and is such a big boy when I drop him off. He gives me a "bye Mama, Love you!" and blows me a kiss. Such a sweet boy. I can not speak enough good things about Faith. It is a wonderful blessing for him to go there.

Now onto the most exciting news....We are expecting! Little Baby Smith is due the very beginning of April. We could not be more excited! It is something we have been praying for for many months. I still cant believe it! It has been ROUGH so far. All day everyday sickness...I've thrown up more times than I can even begin to count. ugh. But as I ease on into the second trimester I can feel it starting to let up just a tad. Thank goodness! I told G this one might wrap me up on the baby front. It has just about killed me. I was pretty sick with Davis but I feel like this time is worse because I cant just lay around and do nothing. Well I guess I could but our house probably wouldn't still be standing ;) I have to give major props to Gary, he has been so understanding when he comes home after working hard all day to piles of laundry, a dirty house, no dinner and me laying on the couch. bless his heart, it ain't been easy! ha!
We find out for sure what the little bean is next week :) We were told a week ago 80% what they thoguht it was but I want to get comfirmation before I announce it on the old Blog. Pink or Blue?? What do you think !?

Anyone still reading??

I sat down Friday and made a meal plan for the next week...I've never done this but have alway loved the idea. I'm hoping it will keep me accountable and on top of meals instead of scrambling at 4 o'clock to pull something together. We eat so much healthier when I plan a little. So here we are! the first week :)

Monday: Smothered Pork chops with green beans and rice
Tuesday: Pot roast in the crockpot
Wednesday: left overs
Thurday: Buffalo Chicken strips over salad

We are going out of town Friday so I'm off the hook there :)
I plan on just doing M- F right now. Our weekends can be crazy this time of year with hunting so I'm leaving those open.

Pat yourself on the back if you are still reading. I'll be back with a phone dump soon!!

Be blessed!

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