Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sweet baby Davis

So our little guy has given us some scares in the past couple of days. When we went to have our 4-D ultra sound I noticed that the umbilical cord looked like it was around his neck. When I asked the technician about it she said "it looks like it is but I can't say anything else about it, You just need to address it with your doctor" They are not allowed to say anything because they are not medical professionals. So long story I asked the doctor about it at our next visit and he scheduled an ultra sound. We went in yesterday and learned that Davis's cord is indeed around his neck a couple of times. We then went to talk to the doctor to get some more insight on what we need to do now. It is something that happens often, but is also concerning and carefully monitored. Dr.Dixon blind sided me when he said he wanted to send me over to triage for a non-stress test(they monitor the baby for about an hour to make sure he is not distressed) That was not what I was expecting!! So off Gary and I went to triage. They got me all hooked up and Davis looks great. From now until I deliver I will go in once a week to have these done to make sure the little love is ok. Between these test I am supposed to be very aware of his movements and make sure he is moving at least seven times in a hour. Needless to say I'm not sleeping and I'm constantly counting his movements. So far so good! We sure are ready to meet this little guy!!

Earlier in the day on friday I had maternity pictures done. Terri Smith did them and did an absolutely wonderful job! I just love them!! Take a look at the few I have put up!

I plan on putting a few in his nursery... Thank you Terri!!

Here are some pictures from our 4 D ultra sound 4 weeks ago... He's precious if you ask me!

In these pictures you can see that the umbilical cord is hanging out around his neck, this is why I asked, glad I did!!

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