Thursday, January 17, 2013

Slowly but surely

Here is a little update on the house :) Slowly but surely we are moving in the right direction. If this doesn't send Gary and I to the looney bin we will be in good shape. Everything has been demo'd and now they are just working on getting it all put back together. We have run into a few small problems so far. The flooring in the Hallway was uneven so they stripped that down to the bare bones and rebuilt the floor- $. There was paneling in the Living room and Davis's room that was disguised as actual sheet rock. That was taken down and insulation and sheet rock put up-$. Our last little hiccup has come in the form of plumbing issues. Oh joy! The plumbing in the hall bath has to be completely redone and a few things tweaked in the master- $$$
We are really hoping that is the last of the issues, fingers crossed!!(cross them people!)
Onto the pictures!!

We had 9 trees taken down this week. Hello beautiful house!! It looks so much better. The huge trees on the corners of the house were not only a hazard but crowded the house so much. I'm in love with how open in is now. Thanks Millers Tree Service!

There was a huge tree right there in front of me. Im most excited about this one being gone. It was LARGE and overbearing
three trees came down here two on the outside of the fence and one on the inside where the pool is.

No trees cut down here but they trimmed up a lot of limbs that were crowding our storage shed

This is the front of the house on the right hand corner. There were two really large hickorys here. So glad to see them go. It opens it up so much and now Walker will have some pretty light coming through his windows :) {that is his room on the top corner }

Walking in through the carport into the Living room. we now have pretty walls and a nice built in for the tv.

Nice big deck in the works! New roof goes on tomorrow which will give us a covered deck looking out over the pool

Weird built in be gone! New built in coming soon :)

They are working on painting our room right now. The color on the wall with the window is the new color :) This room still needs a lot. As does the master bath

Looking out from the Master

Kitchen, loving this color. They are laying the tile this weekend so we can get the cabinets installed next week along with the appliances.

The foyer has a nice new coat of paint. I have big plans for this little area. I'm so excited to have a true foyer. To the right is the dining room, to the left the playroom. If you keep walking straight you go into the Living room

Down stairs bath. Which if you remember it was purple with green laminate floor. Purple and green be gone! A new vanity, toilet, and flooring went in here. Still a few more finishing touches to do but we are making progress people

Sweet Walkers room. Can I just tell you how obsessed I am with this paint color?! Perfect perfect shade of navy. This is just one coat. Cannot wait to make this a perfect little space for him. {Hey Davis}

Oh and this lovely mess?? Well this is the hall bath I was telling you about. Sigh. All new plumbing coming tomorrow! Neither the master or the hall bath have had much done other than demo because of the plumbing issues. Once these are resolved in the next 2 days they are hitting the ground running getting these finished.

I had to include this picture because I think the sky looks so cool and spookey with the moss blowing on the trees! I'm thinking we will have a Halloween party in October
We still have a long way to go but if everything goes as planned we should be in by the first week in February. I'm so ready!


  1. Cool update! Don't know how I missed this when you posted! Sorry for all your hiccups! Our fingers and toes are crossed :)

  2. hi! i just saw a comment on my blog you made in october. sorry! lol! i got silas's chevron outfit from rockets & rainbows on facebook. they are wonderful! congratulations on your bundle of joy! and i am loving your house!