Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Savannah part one

the Sunday before Easter Davis and I headed out to Savannah. We stopped in Jacksonville for a few days to visit Gary's sisters family. She has twin girls and a 16 year old. All three were so great with Davis, he got a lot of love and attention! Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures :( next time!

On Wednesday Gary's mom (didi), Davis, and I headed out for Savannah, Skidaway Island to be exact. Which is heaven on earth, only other place I could see myself living. We spent our days riding the golf cart to the pool and playing on the wonderful playgrounds. To say we enjoyed our stay would be an understatement, it was wonderful. Davis so enjoyed being with his Didi and Granddaddy(his namesake)

Silly Boy eating a lemon

Loved it

Playing Ball with Didi

Having a yummy Blueberry muffin for breakfast

Playing in the pool. It was gorgeous weather, we went everyday and got some good water time. He absolutely loved it! I'm thinking maybe some swim lessons might be in our future?(comments on this are welcomed please!) D has no fear of the water what so ever. Would go straight in if I didn't catch him. He would go under the water and come up smiling and kicking. It was so fun to watch! People would stand and watch him and comment on how much he loved it and how he looked like he was ready to swim :) In true boy fashion he wanted nothing to do with baby pool or the shallow end.

He boy!

Swinging through the water and laughing hysterically the entire time
SN-cant believe I put a pic up of me in my bathing suit. Gross. Would it be too much to ask to look a little bit like I did pre baby?! I noticed something while we were there and I was beating myself up about the way I looked, all these women walking around had extremely flat stomachs. Like so tight you could bounce a quarter off of it. It then hit me..their belly buttons looked weird? Ah ha! Tummy tucks! Gotcha! ha ha made me feel a little better about myself

didi and her wonderful sweet friend Mrs. Nancylee and her grandchildren with Davis

Feeding Granddaddy Chips

First dip..kept laughing and splashing

we were soooo happy when Daddy joined us Saturday

after bath playtime

His favorite place in the house, the leather chair in Granddaddy's office

On the way from Jacksonville to Savannah Judy and I stopped at the bailey boys outlet on St. Simon's Island. I'm going to go ahead and tell you that if you go anywhere near St.Simons you need to stop. It will be more than worth your time. We walked in and I literally squealed with excitement. No lie, It is that AMAZING!!! I went primarliy for schurch clothes for the boy and came out with just that! I could have bought one of everything though. It was overwhelming, WALL to WALL clothes organized by size and gender. Ive had dreams about going back. haha
I got the boy 4 outfits and a pair of shoes for 150 ish. Which if you know bailey boys you know that is one awesome deal. Plan a trip... you can thank me later ;)

More to come! We had a wonderful time celebrating Easter!


  1. Love all the pictures! Keep the posts a-coming! :)

  2. Pics are awesome!! I can't wait to go to St. Simons!! Let's go!!

  3. If it makes you feel any better, my tummy will never look the same either. I will never be able to wear a bikini in public anymore. Ohhh well!